Things to do while waiting in line at Disney!

Never be bored in line at Disney again! Here’s how:

1) Hidden Mickeys: Sprinkled throughout Disney property you’ll find “hidden Mickeys”; small, subtle Mickey designs hidden in decorations, signs, attractions, even sometimes in walking paths. Hidden Mickeys are not often obvious, though they were placed there purposefully by Disney Imagineers. While you’re in line, see if you can spot any hidden Mickey’s during your wait! You can also use a Hidden Mickey Field Guide or Hidden Mickey App (from The Hidden Mickey Guy) to give you some hints, and warn you of Mickeys you should be looking for on the ride and in the surrounding area too!

2) Plan Of Attack: I often use my time in line planning what I’m going to do next. Using my park maps and Times Guide, which tells you when the days parades, character meetings and shows are, I like to plan out my next few stops. With the help of the My Disney Experience app I can even see how long the wait is at my next ride or attraction or check to see if there are any last minute fast pass + openings for a sit down meal near me.


3) Make Friends: Everyone in line is in the same position as you, you might as well commiserate together! If you’re a pin trader, use this opportunity to trade pins. Pins are always a good way to start conversation since most pins have a story behind them, or people have a reason for displaying certain pins.

4) Interactive Queues: Some rides at Disney are specifically designed to stave off boredom while you wait. At Space Mountain there are video game stations, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh features an interactive play area, at the Haunted Mansion you can play an organ and read witty tombstones, plus interactive features are being added at Big Thunder Mountain to enhance the ride with more backstory from the mine. Hopefully Disney will continue to expand their interactive queues and soon enough waiting in line will painless… or maybe even as fun as the ride itself!

What do you do while you wait in line?

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