Name: Shannon Sagona

Location: Louisiana

Family info: Married, mother of 3 kids aged 9, 6, and 4

Favorite Disney park: Magic Kingdom

Favorite resort: Art of Animation

Favorite attraction: Soarin’

Favorite restaurant (QS and TS): Landscape of Flavors, Via Napoli

Tell us briefly about your first Disney trip: I have a two first trips. The first was when I was five and I only barely remember it. I know we stayed off property and Epcot was only a few years old (dating myself here). My second (and better first time) was in May 2012 when I got to experience WDW with my husband and my kids. We met princesses and Mickey and it was such a special time for me as a mother and a Disney fanatic.

You can reach Shannon at her website or by email at

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