When To Take A First Visit

Have you ever considered a vacation to Disney and had someone say “Why? Your kid is too young and won’t remember it”? Rest assured you are not alone. Most of us here at Dole Whipped have had the same thing said to us and obviously we didn’t take that message to heart.

There is no magic age that we can tell you but there are a couple reasons we can give to maybe help you make a decision. The first, and probably one of the most important is that children under the age of 3 are free at Disney. You don’t pay for them for the resort room (and they can still be in a pack and play), you don’t pay for food for them since they can eat off your plate, and finally you won’t pay park admission for them either. This is a huge cost saver for your vacation!

Your child may not remember the vacation but you sure will! You will love to see them seeing Cinderella Castle or meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. Those pictures are priceless and you will have a wonderful memory.

Lastly, you know your child best so it will be up to your preferences. I personally had the best time taking my 3 year old for her first visit, but then our last visit she was 5 and it was even better. Some babies are perfectly content to be in a stroller or sling most of the day and that makes it easy to get them around the parks.

So whether you wait until your child is 6 or 6 months old for their first visit there is never a bad time to take a child for their first visit.