Roller Coasters at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is known to be a family friendly park, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of roller coasters. Having grown up not far from Cedar Point I am a roller coaster junkie! But Disney does have pretty great roller coasters that will please even the most-picky of riders.


Epcot is sadly lacking a roller coaster. This isn’t to say there aren’t a few thrilling attractions, but no roller coasters.


Magic Kingdom

The Barnstormer is a junior roller coaster located in Fantasyland. It is the perfect beginner roller coaster for smaller children. It is themed with Goofy as pilot and is sure to please the young and young at heart. It is short coaster so if they don’t care for it, it doesn’t last long. FastPass+ is offered for this attraction, but not recommended.

Height Requirement: 35 inches


The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is also located in Fantasyland. It is the newest roller coaster at Walt Disney World and it is extremely innovative! It is a roller coaster combined with a Disney dark ride. Partially inside and outside with Audio Animatronic characters from Snow White. The cars on the coaster swing from side to side so the ride could not be smoother. It offers FastPass+ and it is highly recommended, this line is long. It also has an interactive queue so you will be entertained if you have to stand in line.

Height Requirement: 38 inches

Space Mountain is the original Disney roller coaster. Located in Tomorrowland, you will blast off in your rocket ship in this indoor dark roller coaster. The coaster doesn’t get above 27 MPH, but the darkness really adds to the thrill factor. This coaster is pretty bumpy and jerky, so ride with caution. There is FastPass+ and a single rider line and it is recommended to make use of either of these for the shortest wait.

Height Requirement: 44 inches


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, located in Frontierland is another great Disney roller coaster. Themed as a runaway mine train in an old mining town, you will love the thrills of this roller coaster, with its charming clicking and clacking up the hills. It has three large hills and so many neat things to look at as you take in the attraction. This is perfect for kids who are feeling a bit more brave but aren’t up to Space Mountain just yet. The ride is relatively smooth and is fun to do day or night! It has FastPass+ and it is a pretty good use if you are looking for mild thrills.

Height Requirement: 40 inches


Hollywood Studios:

Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is the single coaster in Hollywood Studios, but it is an awesome one! If you are wanting thrills this indoor roller coaster will take you from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. This roller coaster features the music of Aerosmith and you will even see some familiar faces in the preshow. This coaster does go upside down so be aware of that when you get in line. It has Fastpass+ and a single rider line. It is a fantastic use of your FastPass+ but if you also go at park opening you can get on the attraction a couple times without long waits.

Height Requirement: 48 inches

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Animal Kingdom:

Primeval Whirl: This is an off-the-rack coaster. That means you will find similar rides in many amusement parks, it is also a spinning coaster. Located in Dinoland USA, it is themed with a time travel and dinosaurs. This attraction can be pretty jerky so if you have neck or back issues stay clear of this. It does have FastPass+ but don’t waste one on this.

Height Requirement: 48 inches


Expedition Everest. This is hands down the best coaster at Walt Disney World! It doesn’t have any large drops but it makes up for that by taking you backwards pretty quickly and for a long time. It is amazing to get to the top and realize there is no more track and the only way down is backwards. The inside parts of the attraction with the Yeti are thrilling and well themed. While this may be a coaster for those brave little ones who meet the height requirement, you will not want to miss it if you are a thrill seeker. It does have FastPass and a single rider line which can make your wait a lot shorter, it is recommended to make use of this.

Height Requirement: 44 inches
Do you have a favorite roller coaster at Walt Disney World?  If so, let us know what it is!

Which Park Should You Skip?

I get asked this question more than I would like. I know some people (myself included) who only have a couple days at Disney. Maybe you are visiting Florida to do multiple things, maybe visiting family, going to the ocean, doing a cruise and your time is limited. Or possibly, you are just going for a long weekend and don’t feel like paying extra for a park hopper. As sad as it is there are many factors you can take into consideration. I will give a park and give the pros for skipping it in a short trip.

Also to note, I love all the parks but this isn’t a reflection of my enjoyment of a park but a guide on what to do if you are short on time and want to get the most bang for your buck.

Animal Kingdom
No, it isn’t just a zoo, but if you have a really great zoo nearby you might want to consider giving this park a pass. This is also the park with the least amount of attractions and if you have small children they won’t be able to do Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, and Primeval Whirl. If it is chilly you will want to skip Kali River Rapids and if you aren’t into stage shows then you will miss that too. I would say this is probably the park that most people choose to skip if time is limited.

Hollywood Studios
There is Rock N Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Star Tours, so if you aren’t into thrill rides or have a height restriction (for small children) this is a tough park to visit. If you aren’t into stage shows like Beauty and the Beast or mixed media shows like the puppetry of Muppet Vision 3*D, Disney Junior and Voyage of the Little Mermaid this might not be the best choice.

This is probably one the most skipped parks by parents of small children and there is probably good reason for it. In the World Showcase there just isn’t much to do for little ones and with the closure of Maelstrom that leaves Gran Fiesta Tour the only ride type attraction, the rest are movies and one show in the American Pavilion. In Future World there are a few more things to do but in general there are not a lot of rides here and the big ones have height restrictions like Soarin’, Test Track, and Sum of All Thrills.

Magic Kingdom
You should probably not skip this park. It has the most attractions and is fun for the whole family and there is a reason it is the flagship park.

Of course if you miss a park or two you should just think about planning another trip, one that gives you enough time to cover all the parks. At least that is what I do!