Podcast Episode 218: Checking In With The Ogrens

Long time listeners will remember back on Episode 121, we had the absolute pleasure to speak with RJ and Suzanne Ogren.  Both are former Walt Disney World cast members, RJ being an artist, and Suzanne filling many different entertainment roles.  Both were busy then and now, and we wanted to check in to see what they’ve been doing the past two years.

Episode 121 – Our first interview with The Ogrens

Ribbons – Suzanne’s new novel

Remembering The Magic

Together In The Dream

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Podcast Episode 121: Interview with Disney Insiders – RJ and Suzanne Ogren

Our listeners must have been really good this year because we’ve got an amazing gift for you!  This week, we talked to RJ and Suzanne Ogren, a wonderful couple who used to work as Cast Members at Walt Disney World!  RJ was an artist that worked on such classic attractions as Peter Pan’s Flight and The Haunted Mansion, while Suzanne was friends with many characters but mostly Sleepy the Dwarf!  They have some incredible stories to tell about their time working at Magic Kingdom and you don’t want to miss it!

After you’ve heard their stories here, there are lots of places for you to find these amazing people and learn more about their lives at Disney  – I highly recommend their book, “Together In The Dream”, available at Amazon.com.

You can find more of RJ’s artwork at his website, RJOgren.com

Check out his awesome Facebook site:

RJ Ogren and Disney – 



The Haunted Mansion and Beyond with RJ Ogren –



Twitter – Randy Jack Ogren @DisneyRJogren



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