Podcast Episode 228: True Or False Game

At Dole Whipped, we love expanding our knowledge base of Disney info so this week we played a True or False game with our special guest, Shannon’s son, Joe!

Happy listening!

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Sleepy Hollow Review

Sleepy Hollow is a quick service restaurant located in Liberty Square within the Magic Kingdom.  This is a prime location off the hub heading into Liberty Square across the bridge.  This cute walk-up has limited seating outdoors both covered and uncovered.  The only downside to this location is that it is a very busy walkway so seating can be at a premium and you may find yourself jostled a bit if you are in the uncovered seating area.

The menu is limited but what they do have is pretty great!  This is where you can get the famous waffle sandwiches!  You can choose the sweet option with Nutella and fruit, or there is the spicy chicken waffle.  There is also a breakfast version served until noon!

If you aren’t here for a waffle there is also sausage and cheese stuff pretzel, baked potatoes and funnel cakes!  There is also an ice cream cookie sandwich and plenty of drink choices such as water, lemonade, coffee, milk, soy milk, and orange juice.

On my last trip I tried the spicy chicken waffle it was very good and the portion is huge!  So if you do get this my suggestion is to ask for the coleslaw on the side this will prevent the waffle from getting soggy while you eat it.   Or you could always split it and it makes a pretty filling snack for a good price.

I also tried a bit of the Nutella and fruit waffle and found this to be so delicious!  This would make a great and quick breakfast and again very easy to share!

This quick service gets a big two thumbs up from me. It should be on your list of places to check out for a quick snack or a full lunch!

Podcast Episode 96: Snacking Around The World

You know here at Dole Whipped we are serious about snacking, so on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we decided to snack our way around the World Showcase at Epcot.  Listen in as we talk about all the food we tried and what we loved and what we didn’t.  We had such a great time snacking we wanted to share it with you so you could do your own Snack Around The World adventure!

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Epcot for Adults

Have you ever heard that Disney is for kids or that people are going to Disney for their kids?   We at Dole Whipped could not agree less with this.   Disney vacations are for everyone!  For this article I am going to tell you why Epcot is for adults, what you can enjoy while visiting this amazing park.

Let’s start with the best of the best: Drinking Around the World!  Those over the age of 21 can enjoy beer, wine, liquor and mixed drinks from eleven countries.  Check out our information on this subject: Blog and the Podcast.

10678548_10152475498569423_7467681308139335865_n 2

If you drinks aren’t your thing maybe Snacking Around the World is an option!  This is a fantastic option with a group of friends so you all get a little taste of everything!  Check out our articles here for ideas.

Another great option for adults are the movies that play in the pavilions of the World Showcase.  France, Canada, and China all have Circle Vision 360 films featuring landmarks and places of interest in these countries.  The films are fairly short and very well done and perfect for adults to enjoy.

Future World also has many great attractions and I won’t list them all, but those that adults may find most fun are Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, Living with the Land, Test Track, and Mission Space.


Dining in Epcot is a dream! There are so many choices for the adventurous eaters, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Mexican, Norwegian, seafood, and steakhouse.  There are of course some character dining options but if you are looking to avoid this there are plenty of choices in Epcot.  Just be sure to make your advanced dining reservations.


Illuminations Sparkling Dessert Party is a great activity for adults!  You get drinks and desserts and a lovely view of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.  You can read all about it!

Seasonally there is the Flower and Garden Festival.  There are the concerts, gardening seminars, playgrounds for kids, amazing gardens and topiaries, butterfly house, and food booths called Outdoor Kitchens.


Like Flower & Garden there is the Food & Wine Festival.  Included with this are the Eat to the Beat Concerts, cooking and mixology classes and seminars, as well as food and drink booths from around the world.

Epcot really is a park for everyone!  Check out my articles on Epcot for Kids, Epcot for Preschoolers.

Snacking Around the World Showcase: Part I

We’ve talked here on Dole Whipped in the past about drinking around the World at Epcot. During our girls trip in January, though, we decided to try something a little bit different! We wanted to snack around the world. Trying one snack in every country, we set out to find the best of the best at Epcot. Here are our first three countries and what we thought about the snacks we tried at each!

United Kingdom, Fish and Chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Jamie: One of my favorites, especially with vinegar! I liked the Fish & Chips at Epcot much better than the same dish I had at Universal later in the week. A-

Shannon:  Really great and I’m not a huge fish fan!  Fish was crispy and perfectly done. A.

Tara: B+ I do not like Fish so I had the Victoria Sponge Cake. It was awesome and has jam so who does not love Jam. I did try some of the “chips” aka fries and they were good.

France, Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich at L’Artisan des Glaces in Epcot

Jamie: A+ I got the chocolate and it was the perfect ice cream treat. Wish I’d gotten 2!

Shannon: I got the strawberry and it was good, though I thought it had a fairly strong fake strawberry flavor.  I think I would have preferred the chocolate.  B+

Tara: A- I tried the strawberry and cream and really liked it a lot! It was light and refreshing and just sweet enough.

Morocco, Moroccan Kefta Sandwich, Tangerine Cafe

Jamie: I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very good and perfect for sharing. B+

Shannon: Very pleasantly surprised.  I probably wouldn’t have chosen this dish on my own, but I’m glad I had it.  The salsa was pretty good.  B

Tara: A- I liked it a lot. I am a big fan of Moroccan food and Tangerine cafe. There are other things on the menu I like better but when sharing this worked perfect.

Stay tuned for our choices from the rest of the world showcase!

Snacking At Disney: Magic Kingdom Edition

WINE & BEER (1)This last entry wraps up our Snacking At Disney series.  There are tons of snack options at Magic Kingdom to keep your stomach and taste buds happy!

Sweet Snacks 

  • Candy – Candy is serious business at Disney.   You can find lots of treats at Main Street Confectionery.  They also have rice crispy treats, decorated cookies, and gourmet caramel apples.
  • Ice cream – The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has hand scooped ice cream, waffle bowl sundaes.  Can also find ice cream at Storybook Treats and Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies.
  • Dole Whip – of course!  Available at Aloha Isle in Adventureland.
  • Warm Cinnamon Rolls – now located at Gaston’s Tavern.  You can also try a chocolate croissant or a LeFou’s Brew.
  • Coffee drinks can be found at Main Street Bakery Starbucks location.
  • Waffles – sweet and savory can be found at Sleepy Hollow.  Funnel cakes are also available here.
  • Lemonade slushes – Cheshire Cafe

Savory Snacks

  • Turkey legs – available at Cool Ship in Tomorrowland.
  • Mickey Pretzels – available at Prince Eric’s Village Market, The Lunching Pad
  • Popcorn – located in many carts around the park
  • Hot dogs/Corn dogs – Casey’s Corner, The Lunching Pad, The Friar’s Nook
  • Waffle Fries – Golden Oak Outpost.  You can get them with brown gravy, or as a BLT.  They also have sweet potato nuggets with powdered sugar.
  • Mac and Cheese – The Friar’s Nook has several different mac and cheese concoctions, including bacon cheeseburger and pot roast.
  • Flatbreads – Pinocchio Village Haus has pepperoni, caprese, and a flatbread sub. They also have Garlic Pesto Bread Knots that sound amazing.

If you have a favorite treat in The World, let us know and leave it in the comments!

Podcast Episode 62: Snacking At Disney

We know that snacking at Disney is almost a full time job so we’ve broken down the most popular snacks by park for you in a quick, easy format.  This will help you decide what you want fast while you’re touring Disney.  Whether you choose something sweet or something savory, we’ve got you covered!

Happy listening!

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Top 5 Snacks to try in Magic Kingdom

5. Mickey Waffles, lovely soft pretzels with cheese, even better when it looks like a mouse!

4. Rice Krispie Treats, they sure don’t taste the same at home. Must be the chocolate or some Disney magic.

3. Popcorn, there is something so awesome about munching on popcorn while watching a parade. Bonus points if it is in a cool bucket!

2. Premium Mickey Bars, chocolate and ice cream and mouse ears oh my. What is not to love with this cold treat?

1. Dole Whips! Or Dole Whip Float if you prefer. Did you think we would go with anything else?