Podcast Episode 132: March Madness of Disney Rides

It’s that time of year again!  Time to pit our Disney favorites up against each other to see which one reigns supreme! This time, we’re comparing our favorite Walt Disney World rides.  Find out which of these 16 attractions we voted as our number one favorite.  We think you’ll be surprised by which one comes out on top!

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Podcast Episode 126: Best Walt Disney World Queues

Nobody likes to stand in line when they’re on vacation, neither do we.  We understand that frustration so we’ve compiled our list of the best attraction queues at Walt Disney World!

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Roller Coasters at Walt Disney World: A Personal Ranking


If you’ve listened to our podcast even once, you know that I am, in fact, a giant chicken.  Bok bok.  I do not like roller coasters.  They scare me.  I’m not much for thrill rides in general, but sometimes I can convince myself I need to experience something awesome and I need to prepare in advance for that.  I’m going to give you a ranking of the roller coaster rides at Walt Disney World so that you can see in advance what appeals to you and what you’d rather avoid.

We’ll start with the most intense and go down the list from there.

1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Location: Hollywood Studios

Max Speed: 57 mph

Height Restriction: 48″

Ok, so it has “roller coaster” right there in the title.  It’s fast.  It has big drops and inversions.  This is a Level NOPE on my chicken meter.

2.  Expedition Everest

Location: Animal Kingdom

Max Speed: 50 mph

Height Restriction: 44″

This one’s a little tamer than the previous but it is fast.  There are some big drops. Probably the most terrifying part of this coaster is that it heads up the mountain at one point, looks like it’s going to plummet over the edge (it’s not, of course), and then sends you screaming back down the mountain backwards.

3.  Primeval Whirl

Location: Animal Kingdom

Max Speed: 29 mph

Height Restriction: 48″

This is not a particularly scary coaster, but there is the added spinning aspect of the car that makes it more than just a standard coaster.  If you’re familiar with Goofy’s Sky School at Disneyland, this is the same track.

4.  Space Mountain

Location: Magic Kingdom

Max Speed: 28 mph

Height Restriction: 44″

It’s not the fastest coaster at Walt Disney World but it is the darkest.  The gimmick here is not speed or drops but that it’s totally dark so you don’t know what’s coming.

5.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Location: Magic Kingdom

Max Speed: 35 mph

Height Restriction: 40″

This one’s pretty tame as far as coasters go.  Little bit fast, only a couple of small drops.  Rates as a Pretty Fun on my chicken meter.

6. Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train

Location: Magic Kingdom

Max Speed: 34 mph

Height Restriction: 38″

Having just experienced this one for the first time, I have to say that this coaster is FUN.  Personally, I didn’t find it scary at all, but I did find the seats to very cramped and legroom almost non-existent.

7.  The Barnstormer

Location: Magic Kingdom

Max Speed: 25 mph

Height Restriction: 38″

A fun kiddie coaster.  Very tame, no drops. Also, the ride is quite short so if your little one does get a bit spooked, it’s over very quickly.

Of course, the ranking here is totally subjective, but since you have the info, you can decide in what order you would rank them!  If it’s different from mine, I’d love to hear it!  Post it in the comments!

Adventures by Disney-Central Florida

Disney recently released a brand new Adventures by Disney itinerary for Central Florida! This is not just visiting Disney parks, but also the Kennedy Space Center, kayak, zip line, and airboat tours.


photo via disney.com

This inclusive vacation would be seven days, staying at the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. It includes 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners. The suggested ages are 8 and up with the minimum age being 6 years old. All transfers are included in the vacation as well.

The first day includes a private dinner at the Chef’s Kitchen at the Contemporary Resort and you will take home a cookbook as a souvenir.

Day two includes a private breakfast at Tony’s Town Square and pre park opening entrance to Magic Kingdom. Then you will take a walking tour of the Magic Kingdom with an Imagineer including a backstage look at the Utilidors! Of course you will get VIP access to Seven Dwarfs mine Train and lunch at the Skipper Canteen. You will also get a reserved spot for the Festival of Fantasy Parade and Wishes Fireworks. There will be plenty of time for exploring the park on your own during the day.

Highlights from day three include breakfast at ‘Ohana, and a visit to Kennedy Space Center. Here you will have a private tour with an astronaut-guide and feel what it is like during a shuttle launch, then lunch with an astronaut. Once back at Disney you will have a VIP preview of Disney Springs.


Day four start early with a private safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, followed by a private breakfast at Tiffin’s. You will then explore the park and learn how the Imagineers planned the park. Next you will go backstage at the Rivers of Light show with VIP seating at this brand new show. A private dinner is also provided at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, with plenty of time during the day to explore the park.

The next day starts with breakfast at Kona Café and a kayak trip down Shingle Creek. Next you will board an airboat on Lake Tohopekaliga, followed by a zipline and horseback adventure and barbeque.



photo via disney.com

Day six starts with a grab and go breakfast at Kona Island and an escort to Hollywood Studios for a private ride on the Tower of Terror and Toy Story Midway Mania. After this backstage access will get you from Hollywood Studios to The Seas pavilion inside Epcot. With this you will have a special access viewing from the top of the tank and lunch at the Living Seas VIP lounge. There is also a private behind-the-scenes tour at the American Adventure Pavilion and then a farewell dinner at the American Adventure Rotunda. Finishing off the night with VIP viewing of Illuminations and a dessert party.

The dates for the Adventures by Disney vacation start June 19 and go through the rest of the year. Prices start at $4,699 per child and $4,939 per adult. Some are already sold out, so if you are interested you will want to sign up quickly!

Podcast Episode 71: Our Fall Vacation Trip Reports – Jillian and Shannon

Join us as we talk about our recent Disney vacations!  We talk about the new things we tried, new shows and attractions, and special events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

We cover Jillian’s and Shannon’s vacations in this part 1 episode, so check back next week for Jamie’s and Tara’s reports in part 2!

Happy listening!

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What is Better than Disney and Diamonds? I am Thinking….Give me a Minute


This is a very special article about something we here at Dole Whipped are very proud to be a part of and that is Magical Moments Vacations, authorized Disney Vacation Planners. I promise this is not the article that is going to push our (free) travel agent services down your throat (did I mention they were free?) Anyway, that article is for later! I tease, I tease.

Diamond noteAnyway, this little blurb is about mixing Magical Moments Vacations, Disney and Diamonds and what do you get? A little piece of magic straight from the brand new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the New Fantasyland.

So, how does one agency go about getting their own diamond? Well, not exactly sure the parameters but basically the way I see it there are three steps. 1. Have an owner that works really hard to make sure her agents have an easy road. This is a huge one and we are so lucky to have that in Jen Kistler. She makes sure we have all the tools we need and before we even need them! 2. You must have agents that work really hard to make sure their clients have an even easier road. We love working and living the dream. What can we do help you have an amazing experience? Best payment ever (better than diamonds even….well maybe it is a tie) is getting that text or picture from a client during their trip and them telling you thank you. 3. Last and maybe the most important….everyone in the group needs to love Disney and have a bit of pixie dust to scatter here and there!

So, I wonder how many of the Seven Dwarfs it took to haul that big diamond up from the mine?

Jen et al