Podcast Episode 71: Our Fall Vacation Trip Reports – Jillian and Shannon

Join us as we talk about our recent Disney vacations!  We talk about the new things we tried, new shows and attractions, and special events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

We cover Jillian’s and Shannon’s vacations in this part 1 episode, so check back next week for Jamie’s and Tara’s reports in part 2!

Happy listening!

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Club Level Series: The Polynesian Resort

One of the most loved club levels is in the most loved resort The Polynesian Resort. So, after leaving the flagship Grand Floridian Club Level last time, just hop on the monorail and go a few stops down to the Poly. Before you go, you should receive a call or email from their Itinerary Planning Office but better just to let your travel agent handle the planning (maybe biased but contrary to popular opinion these people do not hoard BOG ADRs and can not do more than check once a day for cancellation – so better work with a great TA and get those ADRs!)

After you check-in (at your private concierge check-in desk) and check out your slightly upgraded club room. I say slightly because it is basically a few extra nice amenities like robes and turn down service (same as the other club level resorts). You will be either in a suite or standard room either in Tonga or Hawaii buildings, and after putting your once over on your room head to the favorite concierge lounge The King Kamehameha Club.

Why is The King Kamehameha Club the typical favorite? Well first let’s start with the view. Need I say more?

Poly view


So, stop by to grab a snack before heading out to a theme park or relax and read a book and snack all day looking out the beautiful window and soaking in that view. Whatever you decide, you will love it.

Poly CrackersSo, another reason The King Kamehameha Club is a favorite is their menu. It just fits the bill and always feels more generous. You can make a meal or a heavy snack here for breakfast and even for dinner. You can also get quite a few different drinks in you during the evening, head out for fireworks (or watch from the Poly beach) come back to the concierge lounge for dessert and cognac. All that is included in your fantastic club level room at the Poly resort.

Oh, and what else is there to love about The King Kamehameha Club? Unlimited POG JuicePOG juice and if you are not familiar with it – run to the Poly and try it because you will love it. It is like a dole whip, if you do not love it, there is something crazy wrong with you!

If you want to know the menu they do print one out each week and you can see it has a wide variety of amazing sounding snacks and appetizers from sushi to luau ribs.



So, do I recommend Poly’s Club Level? YES! Check it out for yourself and let me know if you loved it too?

Disney Club Level: What is it and why do I want it?

Disney has a category of rooms that are called “Club Level” or “Concierge Level” and though not a secret they are sometimes considered a “hidden gem”. I thought I would help share what it is and you can decide for yourself if it is something that would benefit or enhance your next Disney trip enough to make it worth the extra pennies (okay maybe not pennies!) that it will cost you!

This week will be an overview of Club Level and then the series will continue with an in-depth look at the different resorts club level benefits and extras so if you DO decide that you want to try out club level you will know which resort’s club level offerings are right for you. Club level does have many similarities throughout the different resorts but they as well have been customized for each resort.

Thanks Disneyworld.Disney.Go.com for the photo of Club Level Lounge

Thanks Disneyworld.Disney.Go.com for the photo of Club Level Lounge

First, not all resorts offer club levels and only Deluxe resorts have true club level rooms. One moderate has an option that resembles club level and that is Coronado Springs Business Class rooms. It is not called club level but has some of the same benefits such as a lounge only accessed by Business Class guests but it does not have the full offering that the deluxe true Club Level rooms offer. As we go through the series we will have a specific article on Business Class at Coronado Springs where we compare it to the full Club Level and tell you more about it.  All of the deluxe resorts now offer Club Level category so that list is Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Disney Vacation Club villa resorts that are deluxe villas category do not offer club level rooms. So, for example Bay Lake Tower or the Boardwalk Villas do not have this option.

Some people get confused and think Club Level has something to do with the concierge desk at the resort’s front desk. It does not and is separate so anyone staying at that resort can utilize the concierge desk in the resort’s lobby. Only Club Level can work with the concierge that is Club Level only and has a separate desk.

One of the best services that Club Level offers is the Itinerary Planning Office. Prior to your visit your TA and the IPO will work together to get your schedule set. While on your vacation they are a valuable resource when needing to move reservations around or if something comes up and you need to cancel reservations or fastpasses, etc.

AKLOne of the favorite services that Club Level offers is the lounge. Usually club level rooms are on the same floor or at least in the same area. Each of the resorts have a Club Lounge that offers complimentary food and drinks throughout the day and night.The lounges offer comfortable seating and TV’s (one is just for the kids with Disney cartoons playing). You can definitely eat a great breakfast here and heavy snacks throughout the day. I know many Club Level guests that even will eat dinner here in the evening. Though it is not a traditional restaurant or somewhere that has a menu that you order from their snacks are filling enough that you can definitely get full. There are a variety of hot and cold appetizers from the resort restaurants and wine and beer; along with soda and juice to fill you up. In the later eveningPoly CL2 they will have desserts and cordials out to indulge in. They do print menus of that week’s food and you will get that from your Club Level concierge or pick up at the lounge. The lounge is open from 7am to 10pm.

Club level rooms typically offer additional amenities as well. You will find luxurious robes in your room, spa-quality toiletries and DVD players, along with sometimes slightly larger rooms. For example, a Club Level room at Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the deluxe category rooms (unless you have a suite). You also can request nightly turn-down service if you wish while you are staying Club Level.

Poly CLAnother benefit of Club Level is you will have your own check-in area that will make waiting in line to check-in a thing of the past. Club level access is secure and is restricted to club level guests only. In the past, a special Gold colored Keys to the Kingdom card would allow you access but now it is stored on your magic bands.

Each resort has unique reasons why Club Level is special and as we go through this series you will find that it might be the special, Club Level only Sunrise Safari at Animal Kingdom Lodge that appeals to you or that the Sushi during the dinner hours at the Poly Club Level steals your heart. There are so many appealing reasons to think about staying Club Level at Disney and I guarantee you there is one that is practically perfect for you!

Have you stayed Club Level at Disney before? What was your favorite part?

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