Podcast Episode 177: Main Street USA – In Depth

If you’ve listened to our show in the past, you know that we do an In Depth series listing all the fantastic things you can find at the various Disney resort hotels.  Starting with this episode, we’re going to take our In Depth series a little further, into the parks!  For our first installment, we’re going to start with Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom.  We’ll tell you what food, fun, and attractions you can find in this iconic entrance to our favorite park!

Happy listening!

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Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom

Mayor Train Staion
The Welcome Show is probably one of the best lesser known shows at the Magic Kingdom. It is a short show featuring the Mayor of Main Street USA (or sometimes other Main Street characters), dancers, and some Disney characters including Mickey himself and ends with some fireworks.

The Mayor of Main Street USA is a lovely character who greets visitors to the Magic Kingdom and gets people excited about the opening of the park. He is joined by some dancers in turn of the century costumes as they dance and sing in front of the Main Street USA Train Station.
Welcome Show

When they are done the spectators are treated to the sight of the steam train pulling into the station with a whole cast of characters like Peter Pan and Wendy, Alice and the White Rabbit, Mary Poppins, Chip and Dale, Pluto and Minnie, and of course Mickey. You can also see the Family of the Day. That is right, if you get there early enough and the stars align you could have the chance to be the ones waving back at the crowd.Welcome Show

The music that accompanies the show is catchy (and possibly familiar if you have seen some musicals) and you will find yourself singing or humming along. And it is so much fun to count down to the opening of the Magic Kingdom.

It won’t take a large part of your day but it is the best way to start off right and you may even leave with a tear in your eye.