Podcast Episode 196: Flying To Disney

One of the most important parts of planning a Disney vacation is choosing how you’re going to get there. Since most of us don’t live in the Orlando area, we choose to fly to Disney.  Even if you’ve never flown before or you’re racking up the frequent flyer miles, we’ve got all the handy need-to-know info for the most efficient ways to fly to Disney!

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Podcast Episode 193: Tipping Etiquette at Disney

One of the questions we get asked often is how and who should be tipped at Disney.  In this episode, we’re going to take the mystery out of who and how much you should tip at Walt Disney World!

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Conveniences of Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort


We have debated the difference of offsite vs onsite, but here are a few conveniences big and small of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel!


  • Magical Express- No need to rent a car to get from the airport to your hotel or the reverse with the added bonus of not needing to get to get your own bags upon arrival
  • Transportation- You will not need a rental or need to drive yourself, let Disney take care of getting you where you need to go
  • Free Parking- if you do take a car you can park for free at any of the parks
  • Magic Bands- These are included in your stay and they are so fun
  • Early Dining Reservations- You can make all of your dining reservations starting at 180 days prior to arrival plus 10 days
  • Early FastPass Reservations-These can be made 60 days in advance vs 30 days
  • Extra Magic Hours- The extra hours that are open only to resort guests mean fewer people in the park
  • Package Pick Up- If you purchase something in the parks you can have it delivered to your resort to be picked up the next morning so you can buy that big or delicate souvenir without worry.
  • Resort Airline Check In- You can check your bags for your flight right at your resort, no need to haul it to the airport to check it in there.
  • Free Wi-Fi- In this day connecting to wi-fi is important to us all, there is free wi-fi throughout the parks and resort hotels


There is so much to recommend about the Disney Resorts but these are some of the best perks! If you have a favorite share it with us!

Disney’s Magical Express

There are plenty of benefits to staying at one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels but one of the best benefits is being able to use Magical Express.

Disney’s Magical Express is a complementary bus service that takes you from Orlando International Airport/MCO to your resort. This can save you the cost of renting a car, figuring out where to go in Orlando and possibly renting a car seat as well. It is nice to let someone else take care of the driving when you are on vacation. If you are flying with luggage you don’t have to worry about picking up the luggage at the airport on arrival, if you are using the special yellow tags. The yellow tags go on the luggage when you are at your home airport. Then when they are delivered to Orlando this luggage will be pulled aside and claimed by Disney who will then transport it to your resort. One thing to note your luggage can take a few hours to arrive so always keep your valuables, medication, electronics and anything you will need in the next few hours (like swim suits or shoes) with you.

Another thing to keep on you or in your carryon is your Magic Band or your RFID park tickets. You can scan the bands when you arrive to get on the bus and this can make the check in a lot smoother if you aren’t digging through your bags to find the bands when you arrive.

Alternatively, you can claim your own luggage as long as you do not affix the yellow tag and take it yourself to the Magical Express area in the airport. If you are arriving after 10pm and before 5am you must claim your luggage and take it to the Magical Express Welcome Center. International guests must also claim their luggage. Once you have landed you will proceed to the Magical Express Welcome Area which is located in Terminal B on Level 1. There aren’t many signs up for it but don’t be afraid to ask airport employees for directions.

You will be directed by Disney Cast Members to the appropriate line based on resort locations. The bus will likely be dropping off other guests at multiple resorts so it does take a bit of time. I suggest if you are going to book a restaurant or special reservations for the same day that you give yourself at least 4 hours minimum from landing to get to a reservation as it takes time to get checked in and to the parks as well.

Any luggage and carryon suitcases, stroller, and car seats must be stored under the bus. Now just sit back and enjoy the video as you make your way to a magical vacation.

To make reservation on the Magical Express you can sign up for when you book or your Travel Agent books you. You can call once you know your flight information and it can be added to your reservation. This assures that you will receive the yellow Magical Express tags for your luggage.

Of course Disney won’t leave you hanging, so when it is time to get back to the airport you will receive in your resort room a time to get on the return bus. It is important to factor in extra time when flying home as the traffic to the airport can be unpredictable and it does take time as the bus may stop at multiple resorts. It might seem way too early to arrive before your flight but no one wants to take that chance. Bring this paper with you to the Magical Express as the driver will ask for it to assure you are on the correct bus.

Another way to check in for the return trip to the airport is to use the Resort Airline Check-In. Here is a link that shows which airlines participate and if you are eligible to use it. This is extremely convenient and is one less worry for your trip home.

Disney’s Magical Express is a great service that will save you time, money, and hassle. You will love the feeling of freedom knowing your luggage is in good hands and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.