Podcast Episode 164: MagicBands 101

If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World in awhile, you probably have never used a MagicBand before.  We’re here to help you figure out how these little pieces of technology work!  How do they work?  What do they do?  How do I get them?  Listen in to find out the answers to those questions and more!

Happy listening!

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Top FIVE Things to have in your carryon for Disney World!

While some Disney fans are close enough to drive to Disney, others like myself must take a plane. Air travel does add an extra layer of planning, as you have to decide what you can pack in a single suitcase instead of your entire trunk! Not only that but you also have to plan what things can go in that suitcase, which you may not see for several hours (but don’t have to lug to your resort, thanks to Magical Express!) and which things you need in your carry on bag. This week we’re going to talk about 5 things you should carry on the plane if you’re on your way to Walt Disney World.


  1. Your Magic Bands! You’ll use these to scan at the Magical Express check-in, and more importantly you’ll need them if they are linked to your tickets and you plan on heading straight to a park after you check in at your resort!
  2. A change of clothes. For many different reasons a change of clothes is a good idea to have in your carry on. Sometimes luggage is delayed, or what if the weather where you’re coming from is very different from that in Orlando? Bring that change of clothes! Optional: a bathing suit too, if you plan on hopping in the pool at your resort.
  3. Your good camera. The photo worthy memories start right away at Walt Disney World! If you’re going to the Magic Kingdom first thing, you’re definitely going to want to capture that first glimpse of the castle.
  4. A hard copy of your Disney reservations. Your mileage may vary on this one, but I’m old school. The My Disney Experience app and Magic Bands are a fantastic addition to the Disney World resort experience, but I prefer to have a hard copy print out of my confirmation numbers…. just in case!
  5. Some form of entertainment for you and the children. So this is probably a no brainer, but you’re going to need to remain entertained during your flight. Not only that, but keep in mind you’ll also be waiting in line at the airport for Magical Express (hopefully not long!) and then the bus ride to your resort can take a while. More waiting at the resort to check-in (again, hopefully not long!). That’s a lot of waiting for kids and adults! Make sure you have some things in your back pocket to keep everyone busy while they wait for arrival at the most magical place on Earth!

That’s our list… now what’s on yours!

Amazing Disney Tech

Walt Disney was fascinated by futuristic technology so it’s no surprise that Disney parks are filled with amazing technological advancements.  Here are some really cool techy things you can find at the Walt Disney World Resort!

1.  Magic Bands

Unless you’ve been living under a rock,  you probably already know about Magic Bands.  These waterproof bracelets have an RFID chip embedded inside that contain information about you.  You can use these bands to gain access to the parks (with prepaid admission), make purchases in the Disney shops, and purchase food with your dining credits.  You also use it in conjunction with FastPass+ so you aren’t waiting in lots of long lines for attractions.  This new tech has been in place for about 2 years now and seems to be reinventing how guests enjoy the parks.

2.  TV…in the mirror?

Did you know that in the villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian you can watch television while you take a bath?  That’s right, there’s a TV in the mirror.  When the set is off, it just looks like a regular bathroom mirror, but turn it on and there’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the lower corner!  Amazing!

3.  Be Our Guest

If you’ve had the chance to eat at Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom then you’ve already seen this one in action.  In this restaurant, you place your order either ahead of time online or at the cashier, then you sit wherever you like within the building.  Your server uses a device similar to a smart phone to locate you via your Magic Band.  Then they deliver your food to you on a rolling tray.  Pretty neat, huh?

4.  My Disney Experience

If you know about Magic Bands then you know about the My Disney Experience app.  Before you even leave home, you can use the app to schedule FastPass+ selections, set up dining reservations, even purchase tickets.  You can find park maps, park hours, character meet and greet locations, even use it while you’re in the park to find the nearest restroom!

What’s your favorite Disney tech?