Wilderness Lodge Major Refurbishment Announcement

Thanks to Disneyworld.go.com for the great picture!

Thanks to Disneyworld.go.com for the great picture!

We posted a refurbishment list yesterday but one that has just come to light and is a major one is the upcoming renovations for Wilderness Lodge Resort.

You may have heard some grumblings and may have even read some rumors and information but now Disney has made it official (so now we will address and talk about it!)

Yes, Wilderness Lodge is going under major renovations (or refurbishment – whichever makes you less sad). The renovations are starting October 26, 2015 and will run through 2017.

The multiple refurbishment is beginning with the Hidden Springs pool, the leisure pool at The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, as well as the resort beach, playground and recreation fire pit.

There are rumors and talks of other things that are going to happen so as Disney announces it we will keep you informed!