Summer Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Your Disney Vacation Even More!

There are lots of tips and tricks to keeping cool while touring Disney (be it Walt Disney World or Disneyland or if you are extra lucky one of the overseas Disney Parks). I came up with the top ones that have worked for me and my family over the years! In no way is this “list” finished or probably will never be but I can vouch for each of these as I personally have tried them out and they have been successful in keeping cool (and calm) during the hottest months.

First, keep hydrated and when I say that I mean more water than you can imagine. Skip IMG_5180the sodas or even sports drinks (unless you let yourself get very dehydrated and then a water or drink with extra electrolytes can help). I did not follow my own rule that well last July and did drink a water or two in July at Epcot but also had a soda and went a few hours with nothing to drink. By 1:00pm I had a bad headache, fatigue and just a few chills. So, we went over to the First Aid Station and I was given some ibuprofen and a bottle of water and instructed to relax on a chair in the air conditioning and had a cold towel placed on my head for about 10 minutes. It was magical and did the trick! The advice I was given there was drink 1 bottle of water every hour and no other drinks in between. I started following this rule and never felt thirsty or tired. So, drink 1 bottle of water every hour.

About that water and where you can get it or how to make sure you get enough without breaking the bank? One idea is to bring a case with you, order via Amazon or Garden Grocer or pick up at a store in the area. In your room you can keep a few cold and if you have the option to freeze then do that overnight and keep them in your backpack the next day and it will melt so you can drink it and keep your back cold as you carry around your backpack.

You also can get a cup with ice at any counter service and put water from a fountain in them and that is a no cost option!

71qJw0OaHmL._SL1500_Another great way to keep cool is to bring the popular Frogg Toggs (or other brand). These cooling towels are the bomb. They do not drip and you can keep rewetting them throughout the day to wear around your neck or on your head and they work like a charm.

Take advantage of early hours and then in the heat of the day during the afternoon go back to your resort for a nap in the air conditioning or swimming in the pool. Then after a refreshing afternoon head back for the nighttime shows and dinner!

Lastly, eat a Dole Whip (or ice cream) refreshing treats like this eaten in the shade are a great way to reboot and enjoy your magical trip!IMG_0175 (1)