Pinocchio Village Haus Review


Caprese Flatbread and Chicken Alfredo

On our last Disney trip, I had the opportunity to try the flatbreads at Pinocchio Village Haus for dinner.  This is a quick service restaurant in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.  One of the fun features of this restaurant is that there are a few tables inside that overlook the loading area of the It’s A Small World attraction.  We managed to snag one of those tables and my kids just loved it!  We waved at all the people in the little boats heading into the ride.

I had heard about the caprese flatbread so I gave that a try while my husband had the chicken alfredo with caesar salad.  My girls had the Uncrustables kids meal and my son had the pepperoni pizza kids meal.

My son is a bit of a purist when it comes to pizza so he wasn’t crazy about the flatbread crust.  However, my husband and I thought our entrees were pretty good.  The caprese flatbread had a good covering of mozzarella and tomatoes and quite a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  In fact, the drizzle was a bit too generous for me.  I could’ve used a smidge less drizzling, but it was still very good.

The chicken alfredo entree was a generous portion with lots of chicken.  And for kind of a side dish afterthought, the caesar salad is actually quite tasty.

Since we were using the Disney Dining Plan, my husband and I both got gelato for dessert.  He got the chocolate and I got the sugar free mango flavor.  The chocolate was excellent, but the mango tasted and looked a bit too much like baby food for my preference.

Overall, we really enjoyed Pinocchio Village Haus and will definitely return in the future!