Podcast Episode 109: Magic Kingdom Quick Service

You know us here at Dole Whipped, we love to talk about food!  This week we’re talking all about our favorite quick service locations at the Magic Kingdom!  We let you know where you can get traditional theme park fare as well as some other dishes that go beyond what you might normally expect to see.

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Snacking At Disney: Magic Kingdom Edition

WINE & BEER (1)This last entry wraps up our Snacking At Disney series.  There are tons of snack options at Magic Kingdom to keep your stomach and taste buds happy!

Sweet Snacks 

  • Candy – Candy is serious business at Disney.   You can find lots of treats at Main Street Confectionery.  They also have rice crispy treats, decorated cookies, and gourmet caramel apples.
  • Ice cream – The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has hand scooped ice cream, waffle bowl sundaes.  Can also find ice cream at Storybook Treats and Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies.
  • Dole Whip – of course!  Available at Aloha Isle in Adventureland.
  • Warm Cinnamon Rolls – now located at Gaston’s Tavern.  You can also try a chocolate croissant or a LeFou’s Brew.
  • Coffee drinks can be found at Main Street Bakery Starbucks location.
  • Waffles – sweet and savory can be found at Sleepy Hollow.  Funnel cakes are also available here.
  • Lemonade slushes – Cheshire Cafe

Savory Snacks

  • Turkey legs – available at Cool Ship in Tomorrowland.
  • Mickey Pretzels – available at Prince Eric’s Village Market, The Lunching Pad
  • Popcorn – located in many carts around the park
  • Hot dogs/Corn dogs – Casey’s Corner, The Lunching Pad, The Friar’s Nook
  • Waffle Fries – Golden Oak Outpost.  You can get them with brown gravy, or as a BLT.  They also have sweet potato nuggets with powdered sugar.
  • Mac and Cheese – The Friar’s Nook has several different mac and cheese concoctions, including bacon cheeseburger and pot roast.
  • Flatbreads – Pinocchio Village Haus has pepperoni, caprese, and a flatbread sub. They also have Garlic Pesto Bread Knots that sound amazing.

If you have a favorite treat in The World, let us know and leave it in the comments!

Drinking Around the World: Part IV (Special Events)

We completed our Drinking Around the World adventure with stops in each of the 11 permanent countries around the world showcase. Now, lets talk about a few different special events that can change the way we drink around the world.

Food & Wine Festival

Every year Disney hosts the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in the fall. An additional 35+ booths are set up around the world showcase for some different countries to display the food and drink of their homeland. With that many booths, a Drinking Around the World: F&W edition isn’t really possibly (or smart!) unless you have an extended stay or are lucky enough to live close to Walt Disney World.  There are far too many amazing drinks to name at the festival, but one “booth” of note is the Craft Beer Marketplace. Located inside the Odyssey Center there is plenty of space for relaxing in the air conditioning while trying craft beers from around the country. The most popular items at the Craft Beer Marketplace are the flights, each with 4 separate tasting sizes of beer allowing you to try more without buying full cups! Pretty smart. One thing that may make drinking around the world easier during Food & Wine is the new for 2015 Food and Wine Tasting Sampler. If you purchase this package you’ll receive 8 credits for a snack or beverage of your choice during food and wine. This package also comes with priority seating for an Eat to the Beat concert during the day you purchase. For $59 per person plus tax that’s not a bad deal!

10678548_10152475498569423_7467681308139335865_n 2

Flower & Garden

The Epcot International Flower & Garden festival is gaining on the Food & Wine Festival in terms of popularity! Hosted in the spring, there are 12+ booths featuring fresh food straight from the garden during this festival. From wine to sparking ciders, beer and more, there is plenty to drink at this festival as well. One drink that we here at Dole Whipped agrees will stand above the rest is The Dole Whip with rum (of course)! Available at the Pineapple Promenade booth there is an option to add macadamia nut flavored or coconut flavored rum floaters to your pineapple soft serve. Yum! One thing available at this festival (and also the Food & Wine) that makes drinking around the world a little easier on your budget is the wearable wristband gift card. If you load the card with the amount you’re able to spend on drinks you’ll keep yourself in check, and since you can wear it on your wrist you won’t have to dig around in your pockets for cash or credit cards either! It’s a win win.

Which event would you rather Drink Around the World at, Food & Wine or Flower & Garden?

Summer Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Your Disney Vacation Even More!

There are lots of tips and tricks to keeping cool while touring Disney (be it Walt Disney World or Disneyland or if you are extra lucky one of the overseas Disney Parks). I came up with the top ones that have worked for me and my family over the years! In no way is this “list” finished or probably will never be but I can vouch for each of these as I personally have tried them out and they have been successful in keeping cool (and calm) during the hottest months.

First, keep hydrated and when I say that I mean more water than you can imagine. Skip IMG_5180the sodas or even sports drinks (unless you let yourself get very dehydrated and then a water or drink with extra electrolytes can help). I did not follow my own rule that well last July and did drink a water or two in July at Epcot but also had a soda and went a few hours with nothing to drink. By 1:00pm I had a bad headache, fatigue and just a few chills. So, we went over to the First Aid Station and I was given some ibuprofen and a bottle of water and instructed to relax on a chair in the air conditioning and had a cold towel placed on my head for about 10 minutes. It was magical and did the trick! The advice I was given there was drink 1 bottle of water every hour and no other drinks in between. I started following this rule and never felt thirsty or tired. So, drink 1 bottle of water every hour.

About that water and where you can get it or how to make sure you get enough without breaking the bank? One idea is to bring a case with you, order via Amazon or Garden Grocer or pick up at a store in the area. In your room you can keep a few cold and if you have the option to freeze then do that overnight and keep them in your backpack the next day and it will melt so you can drink it and keep your back cold as you carry around your backpack.

You also can get a cup with ice at any counter service and put water from a fountain in them and that is a no cost option!

71qJw0OaHmL._SL1500_Another great way to keep cool is to bring the popular Frogg Toggs (or other brand). These cooling towels are the bomb. They do not drip and you can keep rewetting them throughout the day to wear around your neck or on your head and they work like a charm.

Take advantage of early hours and then in the heat of the day during the afternoon go back to your resort for a nap in the air conditioning or swimming in the pool. Then after a refreshing afternoon head back for the nighttime shows and dinner!

Lastly, eat a Dole Whip (or ice cream) refreshing treats like this eaten in the shade are a great way to reboot and enjoy your magical trip!IMG_0175 (1)

Special Monthly Giveaway and New Podcast Interaction

We want you to be a part of our show each week! If you have not listened yet to our weekly podcast DoleWhipped : Dishing on Disney what are you waiting for? Are you waiting to be invited to be a part of the show? Well consider yourself invited.


We get asked questions about Disney all the time and we want to help you and others that have the same questions! So, email us your questions and each week we will pick one to read on air and answer. If your question gets picked to be read your name will go in to a raffle and each MONTH we will pick one name to win a prize. Just think if your question is picked you have a 1 in 4 chance (on average) of winning. So, some great prizes will be given away and all you have to do is let us help you (does this seem backwards?!) But, we love you so much and love giving Disney prizes and Disney advice or answers that this is one way we thought of to share that Disney love.

So, email us a question at dolewhipped@gmail.com and listen each week to see if you are a winner. If you are a winner we will let you know! All you need to put in your email to us is your name, where you are from and your one question. If you have multiple questions, then send all of them, just one question per email though (and that ups your chances anyway!)

As always you can find us online at www.dolewhipped.com, www.facebook.com/dolewhipped, Pinterest at DoleWhipped1 and lots of other social media places.






Podcast Episode 58: Summer Touring Tips

If going to WDW in the summer is your jam you need to listen to this week’s episode!  We give you  lots of great tips on how you can make the most of your summer time vacation at Disney World.  We tell you how to keep hydrated and how to find the coolest spots in The World.  Don’t miss it!

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Podcast Episode 54: Disney Guilty Pleasures

Are there some Disney related things you think you probably should feel guilty about but you just don’t?  This week the Dole Whipped gang talks about their Disney related guilty pleasures!  From dessert for breakfast, to shopping, we talk about all the things we do that we feel might need to feel guilty about.  We even take a suggestion from a listener!(Thanks, Wade!)

Spoiler alert:  We don’t feel guilty and neither should you!

Happy listening!

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Podcast Episode 53: New Experiences Trip Report

If you think there’s nothing new to try at Walt Disney World, then this episode is for you!  Tara gives us the low down on all the new things she tried during her recent trip and we hope she inspires you to do some new things on your next trip!

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Early 2015 Walt Disney World News

Some changes coming to Disney early this year!

1. The last day to see the iconic Mickey sorcerer hat at the center of Hollywood Studios will be this Friday January 6th! On the 7th construction walls will be put up surrounding the hat and then the process to dismantle it will begin. When construction in the area is finished there will be an unobstructed view of the soon-to-be refurbished Great Move Ride.


2. Another stage of construction at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is now complete. At the end of December the new lobby was unveiled in the Great Ceremonial House. The rest of the construction should be completed by fall 2015.

3. In news that all of us here at Dole Whipped are very excited about, it has been announced that the Dole Whip is coming to Sunshine Tree Terrace at the Magic Kingdom! This is great news, one more option to get our pineapple fix when the lines at Aloha Isle are very long!

4. The Frozen themed castle show at Magic Kingdom, “A Frozen Holiday Wish” has been extended through January 12th. Each night at 6:30 p.m. you can catch the stage show featuring Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and more, followed by fireworks!

5. Disney Parks has announced a new sweepstakes, a 4-night getaway at the Walt Disney World Resort including a one night stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite! Enter here.

Our Personal Favorite Articles from 2014

We, the ladies that bring you DoleWhipped, have had so much fun this past year launching our podcast (DoleWhipped: Dishing on Disney), blog (doleWhipped.com) and Facebook page (Facebook.com/DoleWhipped). Though it has been a lot of work, it is a labor of love for us ladies that love us some Dole Whip and all things Disney. Wow! What a learning experience and what a great way to spend our days and many late nights. We have been overwhelmed by the response and that we had so many more readers and listeners than we expected. We have felt so lucky with the positive response! When we first launched, I personally thought if we had anyone other than our moms follow us, then we would have been successful in my own mind. With that being said, any and all of our milestones, be it big or small, have meant so much to all of us. From the very first achievement, which was being part of iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” category for podcasts, to my favorite which was when Dole (yes the company!) commented, not once but twice, on our blog. One of the most fun times, was just this past week, when we received from WordPress our “Year in Review” which made us aware that we have more than just our moms following along with us. We are looking forward to 2015 and even more DoleWhipped fun with you! One last look at 2014 though and these articles below are OUR personal favorites that we each wrote this year and why…


Christy Wood Brown –

Nursing around “The World”

“This was my favorite article I wrote this year for two reasons. One as I was writing it I loved remembering that special bonding I had with my little one at my favorite place. Second, there are so many hidden gems at Disney on where to breastfeed that new mommas now know about it.” (Christy)

Dana Zificsak – 

Cruising with toddlers on Disney Cruise Line

“This is my favorite post of the year because it really helped me re-live all the fun my son had onboard the Disney Cruise Line. Our cruises are the most relaxing and magical time for my family.” (Dana)

Jamie Shea Carr – 

Top 5 Adult Beverages at Disney World1403676_10151773961164423_1938561015_o“This was my favorite article because I would do anything to be drinking a Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian right now!” (Jamie)

Jillian Cline Foster – 

When to Take a First Visit

“I enjoyed writing this article since it was a trip down memory lane. My daughter’s first visit was at 3 and I only regret we didn’t start her sooner. Plus I never thing you are too young (or too old) to have your first Disney vacation!” (Jillian)

Shannon Sagona –

There’s a Dole Whip for Everyone: Dole Whip 101

“Basically, it’s about our favorite treat plus, Dole responded!” (Shannon)

IMG_0175 (1)Tara Scott McClure – 

My Top 5 Items for my Disney Bucket List

“I loved looking back and reviewing this bucket list I have made and realizing I was able to make some headway this year – so more Disney memories to tuck away. Plus the best part is it looks like it is time to add some new items which just means more Disney.” (Tara)

I hope you will continue to read and listen to us and we would love to hear from you! What do you think about DoleWhipped?

Happy 2015