Day 5 Giveaway Entry!

Day 5 is here!  Today the entry is simple!  Tell us which episode of Dole Whipped podcast is your favorite!  With 100 to choose from we can’t wait to hear what you loved!


Official rules:

Giveaway Day Three 6/28/16

Today is day three of our giveaway!  All you have to do today to earn yourself another entry is comment here on our Facebook posts or our Tweets with your favorite Disney resort!

The prizes you’re entering to win are pictured below.

You can find the contest rules here.


Win a $100 Disney Gift Card and some Disneyland Goodies from the DoleWhipped Team


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Who does not want to win some Disney money and some fun little baubles from Disneyland? DoleWhipped is having a contest giveaway to help kick off the Spring and Summer Disney season and you could win a $100 Disney gift card and some Disneyland special swag ! So easy to enter, you know the drill, please visit: and enter to win!