DCL Disney “Magic” – Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah: A Tour



Back in January, I got to take a cruise on the Disney Magic, my first one ever!  I’ve cruised on Carnival before so I wasn’t new to cruising in general, but nothing could have prepared me for the luxury that is Disney Cruise Line!

Since the cruise was an agent education program, I got to have a much nicer room than I could have afforded otherwise (I have three kids, we’re limited!).  We were given a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah for just two of us.  I was floored!  I’ve always been in interior cabins way in the bowels of the ship so this was sheer luxury.  Our stateroom was 8084, and is on Deck 8 aft, the highest deck that has staterooms.  We were directly under Cabana’s, which was very convenient.

Let me tell you a little about the room and later you can watch a video tour I did of it. This room is 304 sq ft including the verandah and sleeps 5.  As you walk in the room from the hallway you’ll see a bank of closets on your left.  There are ample hangers and shelves for clothes and suitcases.  There’s also a safe where you can store your valuables.  It’s operated by your room key card.  On your right, is the famous Disney Cruise Line split bath.  The first door on the right is the room housing the toilet and a sink.  If you pass that up, you’ll come to the door with the bathtub/shower and another sink.  I cannot stress to you how genius Disney is for thinking of this.  Cruise ship bathrooms are notoriously small so no more than one person can be in them at a time.  By splitting them up, you can have at least two people getting dressed at once.  What a time saver!  Plus, both bathrooms have tons of storage space and mirrors.  Both are very well-thought out spaces.

Once you walk into the main part of the room, there’s a queen sized bed with built in nightstands on each side.  A word on this bed.  Most cruise lines have twin sized (or smaller!) beds that they push together to make one big bed.  This is problematic because as you’re sleeping, the beds shift and someone ends up in that crack and that just isn’t comfortable.  DCL gives you a real, honest to goodness, queen size bed.  No cracks!  And the mattress is comfortable! Oh, and the bed is raised so you’ve got plenty more storage for luggage and duty free purchases.

Past that bed is a small flat screen TV on your left and a vanity with lots of storage, even a small refrigerator.  On the right is a sofa that converts to a twin size bed, and above that is a pull down bunk. Across from the sofa is a dresser with plenty of drawers for all your stuff.   At the foot of the sofa is another Murphy style pull down bed, twin size. There is a bed for everyone you know.  Invite your friends to sleep over.

Now the good stuff.  The verandah.  It’s a thing of beauty.  Slide open those glass doors and let the ocean air in.  Savor it.  Sit out in one of the deck chairs provided and just drink it in.  Maybe wake your roommate at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise.  No seriously, look at it.

Is this not a thing of beauty?

Is this not a thing of beauty?

There are so many touches in these rooms that I literally cannot list them all.  Every little thing has been thought of and I truly think that’s what makes DCL the leader in the cruise industry.  Their ships are amazing.

Here’s a video tour.  Check it out!