Craft: No Sew Mickey Head Applique Tee

After reading about Jillian’s homemade floral Mickey ears I was inspired to exercise my own craftiness and make my daughter an outfit for her first trip to Disney!

The first thing I did was find some inspiration fabric. We’re going to Walt Disney World while it’s all gussied up for Christmastime so I chose a vintage-y Christmas Mickey & friends fabric.

You’ll need a tee shirt (or onesie for baby), scissors, an iron, a printout of a Mickey head in an appropriate size for your shirt, Heat N Bond Ultrahold and your fabric. shirt1

  1. Trace the Mickey head on to the paper side (not the bumpy side) of your Heat N Bond.
  2. Place the Heat N Bond bumpy side down on to the “wrong” side of your fabric (not the side you want showing on your shirt!)
  3. Press the iron on to the Heat N Bond for 6-8 seconds as directed on the packaging. Let cool.
  4. Cut out the Mickey head.
  5. Remove the paper backing and place on the shirt where you’d like it to be. B702ADFD-349E-43EC-8865-61C5FACA18F1_zpsfkftkikp
  6. Press the iron on the Mickey head for another 6-8 seconds as directed on the packaging.

Voila! That’s it, you’re done 🙂

This same process can be used to make any design! I went with a Mickey head because of the limited space on a baby’s onesie but you could do your name (make sure to print the text in reverse for the tracing step), a silhouette, anything really! Easy and fun.

As you can see, I decided to make a matching skirt, too! This project is great for a beginner. The pattern can be found here.

DIY Floral Mouse Ears

Lately, I have seen so many pictures on Instagram of floral mouse ears. Being a crafty kind of person, I thought I would try my hand at it. My first stop was to YouTube for some tutorials and they were all pretty similar. I decided to keep it simple and got some great results. This is a very easy craft to do and it takes minimal equipment to make. In fact if you are a crafter you may have a lot of these things around your house. I had to purchase flowers and it happened that fall colors were in season at Joann’s which is perfect for my November vacation.


Items needed:
Small piece of cardboard
1 piece of 9×12 felt
6 cotton balls (or polyfill)
Glue gun

Step 1:
Using a glass to make circles on the cardboard. Cut out the circles and use the headband to cut the bottom part of the circle so that it will lay flat on the headband.



Step 2:
Cover the cardboard with felt and glue down. Cut around the felt making an opening at the bottom.



Step 3:
Stuff the front of the felt with some cotton balls to give it some volume. Take an additional piece of felt and glue it down around the edge of the ear.



Step 4:
Glue the ear onto the headband and then start adding flowers. I started on the inside edges and worked my way around. Once the front is dried start on the back and finally cover the edges.


Viola! You have your own floral mouse ears! You will find these are easy to customize with a bow, small LED lights, or even changing the placement of different colored flowers.



I’d love to see a picture of your ears in the comments or on our Facebook page!