Podcast Episode 109: Magic Kingdom Quick Service

You know us here at Dole Whipped, we love to talk about food!  This week we’re talking all about our favorite quick service locations at the Magic Kingdom!  We let you know where you can get traditional theme park fare as well as some other dishes that go beyond what you might normally expect to see.

Happy listening!

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Beyond Burgers & Fries: Magic Kingdom Edition

One common misconception I hear often about Disney World is that they only have ‘typical’ theme park food of burgers, chicken nuggets and french fries. While I do happen to believe that the burgers and chicken nuggets at Disney are top-notch, I also understand the desire for something a little bit more sophisticated than those options on occasion. In Part 1 of this 4 part series we check out some great options for counter service meals in the Magic Kingdom!

1) Columbia Harbor House : Located in Liberty Square, I consider Columbia Harbor House to be a hidden gem at the Magic Kingdom. You can find many delicious seafood options here including a lobster roll (for the bargain price of $10.49), clam chowder, fish and chips and more. Another highlight of Columbia Harbor House are the vegetarian options of vegetarian chili and the Lighthouse Sandwich which consists of tomatoes and broccoli cole slaw with hummus on multigrain bread. Even my burger-loving self admits this sandwich is something special!

2) Pinocchio Village Haus : This counter service restaurant in Fantasyland (with a few “it’s a small world” view seats!) is worth visiting for one of their menu items alone. Disney pizza in general is… not very good. The flatbreads at Pinocchio Village Haus are a different story! There are three different varieties of flatbreads: Pepperoni, Caprese and BBQ beef but I personally enjoyed the BBQ beef. Another very popular item here is the meatball sub, which is definitely on my list to try for next time!

3) Casey’s Corner : On Main Street USA, Casey’s Corner is a staple of Magic Kingdom. Yes, they are just hot dogs, but sometimes you just feel like a hot dog! At Casey’s you can get a plain hot dog or go all out and have the Chilli Cheese dog or the Barbeque Slaw dog. I personally prefer the corn dog nuggets for my meal. You can also get Cracker Jacks here!


4) Be Our Guest : Be Our Guest is still a very difficult to place to obtain a reservation. If you are lucky enough to grab one, you will have a very good meal. Counter service lunch at Be Our Guest is as close to the quality of a sit down meal as you can get. I have personally tried (and enjoyed!) the Braised Pork and Carved Turkey sandwich, but I have yet to hear any real negative feedback on the menu items served during lunch at Be Our Guest. A major bonus is the setting! Enjoying lunch at Beast’s Castle, there isn’t much better than that!


Note: A prior version of this list may have included Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. However my personal opinion is now that they’ve recently removed the taco salad from their menu there are better places to find a meal at the Magic Kingdom! One minor caveat; if you are going to eat a burger at Magic Kingdom the Angus beef burgers are Pecos Bill’s are very good, and the toppings bar allows you to customize to your liking!

What are your favorite counter service restaurants at Magic Kingdom?

Quick Bites at the Magic Kingdom

One of my favorite things to discuss about Disney is FOOD! While Epcot is my favorite place to grab a quick meal in Disney World, the Magic Kingdom has no shortage of delicious bites either. Today I’m going to give you my four favorite places to grab a quick meal/hearty snack at the Magic Kingdom!

1) Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s– This is by far my favorite quick meal at the Magic Kingdom.  Casey’s Corn Dog Nuggets are perfect to grab and eat on the go. Seating is often hard to come by over at Casey’s, so getting a cup of nuggets and eating while walking down Main Street USA is a good lunch for me!


2) Taco Salad at Pecos Bill Tall Tall Inn and Cafe– The taco salad at Pecos Bill’s is a perfect lunch. You get ground beef in a taco shell bowl, and then have free run of the toppings bar to make the salad just how you’d like it. With grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, salsa and more you can put on everything you like and leave off what you don’t. Sounds good to me!

3) Waffle Sandwiches from Sleepy Hollow– There really isn’t much I can say about these but WOW. Sleepy Hollow has several choices for Waffle Sandwiches (more like Waffle Tacos, with the waffle wrapped around the filling) but the two most popular are the Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle and the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle. They’re both amazing, but absolutely gigantic. I recommend sharing!

4) Lobster Roll at Columbia Harbor House– I love Columbia Harbor House! The location is a little set back and away from the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom. My tip for this place is to head upstairs and find a table there. It’s often much quieter than downstairs, and you can sit by a window and people watch (another favorite hobby of mine). The lobster roll is really good, and only costs $10 with a bag of chips. I’m a big fan of seafood and the salmon and fish and chips were great here too. A lot of people don’t know about Columbia Harbor House, so I consider it a “Hidden Gem”. You won’t regret stopping here for a meal!

So, what did I miss? Where else should I grab a quick bite at the Magic Kingdom on my next trip?