Podcast Episode 193: Tipping Etiquette at Disney

One of the questions we get asked often is how and who should be tipped at Disney.  In this episode, we’re going to take the mystery out of who and how much you should tip at Walt Disney World!

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Podcast Episode 121: Interview with Disney Insiders – RJ and Suzanne Ogren

Our listeners must have been really good this year because we’ve got an amazing gift for you!  This week, we talked to RJ and Suzanne Ogren, a wonderful couple who used to work as Cast Members at Walt Disney World!  RJ was an artist that worked on such classic attractions as Peter Pan’s Flight and The Haunted Mansion, while Suzanne was friends with many characters but mostly Sleepy the Dwarf!  They have some incredible stories to tell about their time working at Magic Kingdom and you don’t want to miss it!

After you’ve heard their stories here, there are lots of places for you to find these amazing people and learn more about their lives at Disney  – I highly recommend their book, “Together In The Dream”, available at Amazon.com.

You can find more of RJ’s artwork at his website, RJOgren.com

Check out his awesome Facebook site:

RJ Ogren and Disney – 



The Haunted Mansion and Beyond with RJ Ogren –



Twitter – Randy Jack Ogren @DisneyRJogren



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Podcast Episode 94: Interview with Anessa

Here at Dole Whipped, we love talking with fans and former Disney Cast Members and this week we have both all wrapped up in one!  Join us as we talk with Anessa, client and friend of the show about being a Disney super fan and a super planner!  She’s got some great tips for you as well as some good ideas on how you can use a travel agent and still do lots of Disney planning yourself.

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Park Peeves

We all have them, pet peeves that seem to only happen at Disney. Sometimes it is hard to keep your cool when you are just going along and someone does something that drives you crazy.

My first one, which is easily solvable is the people who stop in the middle of the pathway to look at their phone, park map or something they sighted. This is not only annoying it is also dangerous. The parks are packed with people, strollers, and wheel chairs and trust me when I say you don’t want to get rammed in the back of your ankles or legs with either of those, or be the person who runs into someone who stops suddenly. Of course I don’t blame you for stopping to look but make sure to look around and behind you before you do it and step to the side.

Cutting in line, line jumping, whatever you want to call it, it is a big NO! It also can get you removed from the park. We can all understand having a bathroom emergency with little ones but don’t let mom wait in line, then have the whole family come join her as she is about the get on the ride. It is rude and makes the line even longer for other guests.

Bad manners are another huge park peeve of mine. When people are rude to each other and to Disney Cast Members. Remember kindness can go a long way and you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. We all want a great spot to see fireworks or parades. So, if possible, let the little ones in the front, but don’t crowd out the people who have been waiting for 30 minutes. And be kind to Cast Members, they are just doing their jobs and maybe can make some magic for you if you treat them well.

Watch your kids in lines. We know they don’t want to be in the lines any more than you do and they get fidgety and start messing with the chains or barriers. Just watch your children so that they aren’t swinging that chain into other people or constantly bumping into the person behind or in front of them. My method is one adult (or most responsible child) is first in line,  another is last, so that all the kids are in the middle and therefore less likely to be bumping into others. And then you can keep your eye on them and keep them from standing or hanging on the rails as you queue up.

Take care of your trash. There are trash bins no more than 30 steps from you. Let’s all keep the parks looking nice.

I would love to hear what things drive you batty in the parks! What is your park peeve?