Jamie’s Bucket List

Inspired by Jillian’s bucket list and Tara’s bucket list, I’ve decided to create my own! We’d love to hear about the items on your bucket list so leave a comment or head over to our Facebook page and tell us about all the Disney related things you’ve not yet had a chance to do!

1) Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Since Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is one of my absolute favorite events at Walt Disney World I have no doubt I’d love a Very Merry Christmas Party too! I’m hoping for a November/December 2015 trip so I can enjoy all the Christmas decorations in the parks and at the resorts and my very first Christmas party at Disney.

2) Disneyland. I know. How can I even call myself a Disney super fan if I’ve never been to Disneyland? I am so ashamed of this one. As a huge Walt Disney (the person!) fan I have a strong desire to visit the place he was able to make his dreams into a reality. Plus, I really want to see the World of Color show 😉

3) Disney Cruise to Alaska. This dream almost became a reality this summer! Instead my husband and I decided to cross a different item off our bucket list and do a Disney cruise in the Mediterranean instead. Alaska is still a priority for me though! Maybe once the Disney Wonder ship has had an overhaul?

Photo Credit: Disney Travel Professionals

4) 24 Hour Event. I know this doesn’t appeal to a lot of people but I’d love to do a 24 hour event at the Magic Kingdom. I’d probably be exhausted and cranky the next day but it would be so worth it! I might even make it into an Ultimate Challenge and try to do every attraction in the Magic Kingdom during those 24 hours!

5) VIP tour guide. With the right touring plan and visiting at a not very crowded time of year this would be totally unnecessary. But also totally fun! Special seating for parades and shows, skipping the lines at most attractions, and a totally customizable experience would be a once in a lifetime thing, thanks to the price, but it would certainly be a day to remember!

Thing’s that I’ve been able to cross off my bucket list: stay club level, stay at the Polynesian, eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table, visit Castaway Cay, and stay at Art of Animation in a Little Mermaid room.

Bucket List

I was inspired by Tara’s post about her Disney bucket list to make my own!

I have a long Disney bucket list, you are probably going to be yelling at your computer if you saw some of them. You are thinking, “Jillian, I cannot believe you haven’t done that yet!” Believe me, I know. So I will break them up into some that are easier to do and some that will take time. So now for the real list.

1) Disneyland, I am a true Disney nerd, I read books, listen to multiple podcasts, read forums and talk to anyone I can about Disney. Disneyland is the place where Walt Disney walked, his hands were all over the park.  This is the motherland for Disney nerds. They also have some rides that I miss from my childhood still in that park.

2) Staying at all the resorts. If you read Tara’s you will know that this is one of hers too. She has a huge head start on me, but I am up to the challenge. I would love to get to all of them for at least one night.

3) Four Parks, One Day.  This one sounds like so much fun, but not one to undertake with small children.  I also have my own personal rules too, like I have to do at least 3 attractions and one snack per park.

4) Disney Cruise Line’s Mediterranean Cruise, though I would settle for the one to Hawaii. Disney is the Cadillac of cruise ships and I really, really would love to explore the Mediterranean with Disney, preferably combined with an Adventures by Disney in Italy or Greece.

5) Aulani, Disney’s resort in Hawaii looks just amazing! I think this is a great getaway the whole family would love. You can experience Hawaii with the Disney difference. Plus the Dole Plantation isn’t too far away and it is possible to get your Dole Whip fix while there!

6) Spend two weeks at Walt Disney World. There is so much to do there and you cannot get it all done in a week. So I’d like a couple week so that I can take those breaks at the pool and waterparks, do tours and take it slow.

7) Visit overseas Disney parks. Of course this one is going to make my list, I’d love to visit Disneyland Paris in particular but of course I would love to check off Tokyo and Hong Kong off my list too.

Here is a shorter bucket list of things that could get done with my next trip:

Country Bears Jamboree- Some may say to not bother, but then I love the Tiki Room and Carousel of Progress and I feel this is on level with that.

Hall of Presidents- as someone who holds a degree in history I still sad I’ve missed it, but then when you have a young child sometimes these attractions are easy to miss.

Festival of the Lion King- I missed this one because it was closed the last time and before that I opted for Finding Nemo the Musical.

Impressions de France- Again hard to see when you have kids, but I am very interested in France so I think I would enjoy this movie.

Keys to the Kingdom Tour- I admit I am a total Disney nerd so this is extremely appealing to me. My second choice would be Back Stage Magic or the Family Magic Tour.

I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even got a new idea or two.  What is on your Disney Bucket List?

My Top 5 Items for my Disney Bucket List

For the past few years so many people have been talking about their own bucket lists and thanks to Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman this trend has become a great motivator and goal list for everyone. For me, I have a Disney specific bucket list and I think every Disney lover should think about making this same type of list. I have included 5 of my top points for my Disney bucket list below and explained where I am with each.

When I decided to make my list I decided to do it from the perspective of things I could accomplish and things I might not be able to no matter how hard I try!

Some of my ideas are just for fun and to see if I can do them and some are more like dreams! I am pretty sure you can tell which one’s are which:

1. Visit Disney World and Disneyland all in the same day  – I am not sure why this is something I want to do. My best guess is because I have been lucky enough to travel a lot for work and for life and that sometimes Frequent Fliers get weird goals about crossing time zones (though some may think that is an unlucky trip and too tiring!) Once I do it I will let you know!

2. Stay at every Walt Disney World Resort – This has been a goal of mine for quite awhile. I am well on my way to completing this as I have stayed at all but Yacht Club, Fort Wilderness Cabins (though I have stayed at Wilderness Lodge), Caribbean Beach Resort and all three of the All Stars. But considering all the others I HAVE stayed at then I would say this one is on it’s way to be complete!


3.  Spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle – Am I setting myself up for failure with this one? Most likely yes! But maybe if I put it out there then it will come back to me.

4. Visit all Disney Parks – I am including the overseas parks here as well. So, I have been to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Paris, so I am planning Disney Tokyo, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disney, and Shanghai Disney (which is scheduled to open in 2015).

5. Sail on all 4 Disney Ships – I have a ways to go on this one! I have my first Disney cruise scheduled on the Dream in July. I am hoping I love it so much I can check all of them off in a few short years!


I wanted to share with you parts of my “Disney Bucket List” and see what one’s I have missed or points that we share? Let me know what you think?