Awaken Summer: EPCOT

Thanks to Disney Travel Professionals for the photo.

Thanks to Disney Travel Professionals for the photo.

Yes, Awaken Summer is almost here and so many changes and fun events and new stuff is coming to Disney! It is going to be fantastic. Who is more excited than me? Probably someone going soon. I turned in my WDW card for a DCL card for the Summer and starting to question it with all the new comings (and goings!) But, hey it will still be there in the Fall – I hope!

So, for EPCOT they are going to have a few MASSIVE things to celebrate Awaken Summer!

First, Soarin’ is about to re-open. Now, they did refurbish the Soarin’ ride in two ways – first IMG_3179they added an extra theater and so that is going to help the lines tremendosly. Second, they changed the movie from Soarin’ Over California to Soarin’ Over the World. If you have been missing the old Cali version you can watch that up until June 17th when the brand new Soarin’ Over the World debuts at Disneyland in California and Epcot at Walt Disney World. For this attraction we are giving the premiere not to our friends at Shanghai Disneyland and letting them show it first on their grand opening June 16th! Watch out for some new smells and all new video. Very Exciting!

Speaking of helping Soarin’ lines, one thing that is not going to help the lines is the opening of the new Frozen Ever After ride in Norway. Reason this will change the lines at Soarin’ is it is a new ride that is another Tier 1 – so choose new Soarin’ or new Frozen? EEK! This ride in Norway is taking place in Arendale and replaces a crowd favorite Maelstrom – so big shoes to fill!

Another Frozen addition (because how can you have too much Frozen? Well, let me show you how…nope never mind!) You can not meet and greet with Anna and Elsa at Epcot at the Royal Sommerhus, also in Norway. There are no fastpass+ available for this meet and greet. Oh, and I guess I should add since Anna and Elsa are going to be in Epcot they will no longer be in Walt Disney World for meet and greets – well, clearly they can not be in two places at once?!


Podcast Episode 94: Disney Discounts 101

Disney discounts can be very confusing so in this week’s episode we’ve given you a primer on everything you need to know to navigate the Disney discount waters!  We walk you through what happens when a discount is released, how you can take advantage of a discount, and even what to do if a discount doesn’t apply for you.  Don’t miss this episode!  It could save you money!

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Awaken Summer in Hollywood Studios

Thanks to Disney Travel Professionals for the photo.

Thanks to Disney Travel Professionals for the photo.

Awaken Summer is Walt Disney World’s name and answer to all things coming this Summer that are new, rebooted, or just a little bit special. Each park is going to have a lot going on and one of the most exciting is Hollywood Studios, especially if you are a Star Wars fan.

Now, some of these changes are already being tested or actually running, but they are new and part of Awaken Summer.

First, is the reboot of Star Tours with The Adventure Continues storyline where you travel to Jakku from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Tours has several different storylines so you never know what you are going to get but one of the best is this new one!

Another new Star Wars bit of fun is meeting THE Kylo Ren over at the new Launch Bay. Go over there and ask him why he killed his father? That will help you make friends!

A new Star Wars stage show appropriately called Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away where you can see your favorite characters take stage including my favorite BB-8.

Thanks to Disney Travel Professionals for the photo.

Thanks to Disney Travel Professionals for the photo.

When it gets dark at Hollywood Studios do not miss the new night show that has a little bit of everything from fireworks to lasers to projections. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular is amazing and a definite do not skip!

So, Hollywood Studios is definitely upping its Star Wars game and game in general. Even if you are not a huge Star Wars fan these changes are fun for everyone and promises to only be the beginning!