Jillian’s DCL Trip Report- Day 4

After going strong for a few days we slept in this morning.  And dear reader, please forgive me I didn’t take many pictures today. Plus with it being a sea day we knew we had nowhere to be. Breakfast as at Beach Blanket Buffet with your typical buffet food: eggs, Mickey waffles, bacon, sausage, donuts, yogurt, cereal. I personally loved the corned beef hash and chocolate croissants with lots of fresh fruit and coffee.

As usual Petra was back to the kids club and I opted to do “Disney’s Innovations: Theme Parks”. This was put on by Briana who talked about things in Disney Parks that were completely innovative at the time. They were things like a single entry point, hub and spoke set up, single ticket and others. The room was filled by your classic Disney nerds, people like me who are always wanting to learn more about the interesting history of Disney. We were able to ask the Cast Member questions after and I talked to some other guests who were cast members at Walt Disney World.

Next I dragged my family to Wonder Quest. This is an interactive scavenger hunt where your group is given a number and the first person to bring the Cast Member the item he is asking for gets 3 points, the next 2 and everyone else before time is up gets 1. This was a lot of fun even if we didn’t win.


By this time it was getting close to lunch and so we had Beach Blanket Buffet again then did some more swimming. Do you see a pattern? My daughter pretty much adored going to the kids clubs and swimming! So after our swim we got an appointment for her to have her hair braided and she was ready to go back to the kids club.

With her off doing her own thing it was time for me to check out the “Art of the Theme Show Tour”. We started in Palo and were lead by Mark around the ship taking in all the little details. If you want to know more about the ship you are on like the style, little details or lesser known thing I would suggest you take a similar tour. The ships are a lot like the parks where you have to look up and down and all around and you might be pleasantly surprised at the little things you see that others miss. Mark was very knowledgeable about Disney and I really enjoyed talking to him. While I did this my husband signed up for a beer tasting class. The cost was $15 and it included a very nice cup to take home with you. We both finished up and it was time to get Petra and get her to Deck 9 for her hair braiding appointment. If you have never had it done before, my 5 year old says it does hurt a bit, but she loves the outcome so she suffers through. I believe it was a few dollars per braid.IMG_0814

This was our formal night and were had dinner at Triton’s. So we all went back to get dressed up! We thought ahead and decided to use our dress clothes for our formal dinner and then hang them back up to wear again for our Palo night. This saved us having to pack two nice outfits when we were just wearing them for a total of 4 hours. For dinner I had the breaded and baked brie, farmhouse salad, duck comfit and a dessert trio. Petra had macaroni and cheese (she is a creature of habit!) and a Mickey bar. Chelsey had shrimp, duck comfit, and a chocolate mousse. And I will tell you it was delicious! It was probably one of my favorite meals for the trip.

Per usual Petra was ready to go back to the kids club and off she went. We decided to take a break in the Cadillac Lounge for Music and Martinis with Tom Moss. We did indeed have martinis and listened to some amazing piano music. He played a combination of Christmas and pop music and we enjoyed relaxing a bit. Soon it was time to get Petra though because tonight was the first night she was going to see a show!

We topped off our night with “The Golden Mickey’s”. This is an “awards” show that a backstage cast member takes on even though she doesn’t want to. It was a cute show about conquering your fears but done in the amazing Disney way. Plus you get to see your classic characters throughout the show.

Tomorrow was another exciting day, Castaway Cay and Palo were on deck! Would they live up to my expectations?

Disney Cruise Line Packing Hints

With my own Disney Cruise fast approaching I thought I might put together a quick list of some unique things to pack for your Disney Cruise… as much for myself as for our readers!

  • Similar to my advice for Walt Disney World, I suggest carefully packing your carryon bag. If you have an early port arrival time for the ship it is in your best interest to bring things you think you might need before your cabin becomes available at 1:30PM (on most cruises). Personally, I’d pack my bathing suit. Embarkation day is a great time to ride the Aqua Duck (Fantasy or Dream) or Aqua Dunk (Magic)!
  • A mug. Disney provides complimentary coffee, tea (hot and iced), juice and soda, but the cups in the buffet restaurants and at the drinks stands are very small! I suggest bringing your own insulated mug or cup so you can fill up and bring to the pool or back to your room.

  • Alcohol! Disney is one of the very few cruise lines that allow you to bring your own alcohol on board. Alcohol MUST be packed in your carryon bag only and cannot be consumed in public areas (but it would be great for enjoying on your verandah!) Make sure you check out the other policies regarding bringing alcohol on board here.
  • Laundry detergent. I know this is a controversial one, but as a chronic over-packer who often wishes she’d just brought the necessities I think I’m going to take my own advice this time. Laundry rooms are available for all on Disney Cruise Line and as I’m on a 9 night cruise I’m sure I’ll be taking advantage. While not necessary on a shorter trip, laundry detergent could come in handy on those 7+ night cruises. Also beneficial for laundry is a collapsible hamper or drawstring back to store dirty laundry and use to bring back and forth to the laundry room.
  • An autograph book… or pillowcase! If you take a pillowcase to Guest Services onboard the first day of your trip it will be returned the last day with all the characters signatures. How cool is that!

Other things I found helpful on my last cruise: Bonine and Sea-Bands for sea sickness, Pepto Bismol (some port food may not agree with you ), glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets and pirate gear for pirate night, a lanyard for your Key To The World card, a tote or day bag for excursions/Castaway Cay day, and my own hairdryer as the one provided in the cabin leaves a bit to be desired.