A Pirates Adventure in Where Else…Adventureland

On my last night of my most recent trip to Disney World we wandered over to Adventureland at night (okay we beelined for Aloha Isle to get Dole Whips but hey let’s pretend we stumbled upon this magical adventure). Once we got our Dole Whips and were walking around a completely deserted area because Pirates of the Caribbean was down and had been ALL day and Jungle Cruise at night is just meh in my opinion. So, what to do…let’s try A Pirate’s Adventure treasure hunt and not have to wait in line or be jumbled around!


So we head over to the kiosk type area that has a few cast members milling about…”Yes! We are open!” was all it took for us to head inside and have the fancy machine read our Magic Bands and decide which of the missions we would undertake first. I swear right when I started I saw Jack Sparrow and he was laughing, taunting me that I could not find the treasure…well I showed him!


So, what are these missions and how do they work? I am glad you want to know because it was excellent fun! First, you get assigned your mission and get a clever Adventureland map that helps you find your stops along the way. At each stop you have the area read your magic band and then things start happening! I do not want to give it all away but it is an adventure each time! You follow the map and clues around until you have successfully conquered your mission goals! Once done you can return to the kiosk and start a new mission. Once again the magic band reads your history and sees which missions you have completed and gives you a new one…ahh technology allowing me not to remember and think anymore! Good times!

So if you have little pirates or 30-40  minutes until your  next fast pass + then jump over to A Pirate’s Adventures and complete a mission. It is a great time!