FAQ: FastPass

FastPass is Disney’s attraction reservation system.  It allows you to reserve a time for an attraction with a short wait.  Here are some frequently asked questions about the FastPass+ system.

How much does it cost? It costs nothing, it is included with your park ticket.

Where are my FastPasses?  These are connected to your ticket media, so it may be a physical ticket, or your MagicBand.


How many FastPass reservations can I make?  You can make 3 FastPass reservations initially, after you use those you can make additional reservations one at a time.

How to make more FastPass? You can make additional FastPass using the My Disney Experience app or website, as well as the FastPass+ kiosks in the parks.

How do I make my initial 3 FastPass reservations? You can make these reservations on the My Disney Experience app or at www.startyourdisneyexperience.com at 60 days prior for Walt Disney World Resort guests, 30 days for off-site and annual passholders.  You can start to make these reservations at 7am.IMG_0139

How long do I have to use my FastPass?  Generally you have 1 hour to use your FastPass.  However if you are using this for a show the time will generally be 20-30 minutes prior to the show.

Can I show up early for my FastPass? Generally, no you have to wait until your FastPass window to open.

Can I show up late for my FastPass? Again, generally, no.  If you get lucky and get a really nice Cast Member, they may let you in late but don’t wait too long, over 15 minutes late and your FastPass will essentially expire.

Can I change my FastPass?  Yes you can change the experience or time of your FastPass if you change your plans or you mind.  You can do this in the app or online.


Does everyone have to have the same FastPasses? Not at all!  This flexibility makes it easy to be able to do what appeals to everyone in your party.

How long are the FastPass lines?  The FastPass lines vary based on attraction, time of day and how busy the standby line is for the attraction.


Do you have any other burning FastPass questions?  Ask away!

FAQ: How Does a Split Stay Work?

What is a split stay?  A split stay is when, during a single vacation, you stay at more than one Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

GF Resort

Why would you do a split stay? There are multiple reasons why you might consider a split stay. One big reason is experiencing more than one resort.  Maybe you have always wanted to try out Port Orleans French Quarter but the Polynesian is really calling your name.  Cost is another big factor, the deluxe resorts can be expensive and to still get the experience of staying there without committing to the entire vacation you can spread out the costs by staying for a few nights.  Pro tip: always go from less expensive to most expensive in order of stay.  So if you are staying at Pop Century and Contemporary make sure the Contemporary portion is the last part of your stay.  It will be really hard to go from the Polynesian to All Star Sports.

How does a split stay work with tickets?  The easiest way is to make your first room reservation include the tickets for the length of your entire visit.  This will save you money and save you the headache of linking multiple tickets. Any additional resort reservations will be room only.

How does a split stay work with FastPass?  This does not affect FastPass because it is linked to number of days on a park ticket.


How does a split stay work with MagicBands?  You will get a MagicBand for each room reservation you make.  You can choose to customize each reservation and get a MagicBand for each member of your party.  Or you can also choose to decline a set of MagicBands, meaning you will only get one MagicBand for your entire stay.

How does a split stay work with the dining plan? The dining plan expires at midnight the day you check out so you will need to use any credits at the end of each stay.  If you do a split stay you will have the book the dining plan for each room reservation or package.

How do I get from one resort to the next?  You will want to call Bell Services and ask to have your bags picked up and moved to your next resort.  If you only have Disney transportation you will go one of the theme parks and from there you can either enjoy your day at the park, or if you want to go right to your new resort hop on the Disney transportation to the new resort to check in.  Your bags will be unavailable for at least 4 hours, so be sure that anything you need right away or within the next 6 hours that you have with you.  Alternatively, you can check any bags yourself such as carry on luggage or backpacks at luggage services at the new resort.


FAQs About Disney: Disney Dining Plan

Here at Dole Whipped HQ, we get a lot of questions about Disney.  In this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) series, we thought we’d answer some of the most common questions we get from people planning their Disney vacations.


Some the most asked questions we get are about the dining plan.  More specifically, we get folks who might want to save a little money on their Disney vacation by staying offsite, however, they would like to take advantage of the dining plan.

Question: Can I get the Disney Dining Plan if I stay offsite?

Answer:  No.  The Disney Dining Plan is reserved strictly for guests staying at a Disney owned resort property.  If you are staying outside of the Disney resort, of course you’re welcome to visit the parks and eat at all the restaurants, but you will not be able to purchase the dining plan.  This also applies to the Swan and Dolphin resorts as well as Shades of Green military resort.

Dining at Disney is fraught with confusion and frustration so to make it a little easier we’re going to answer this very common question.

Question:  How far in advance of my trip can I make my dining reservations?

Answer: You can make your dining reservations at 180 days before your check in date.  The dining reservation system opens up at 6 am on the phone lines and 7 am on the Disney website.  At that time, you are given what Disney calls 180+10.  Basically that means that on day 180 before your check in date,  you can make reservations for up to 10 days past that same check in date.  That allows you to make the dining reservations for every single day of your vacation at one time.  That saves you from having to come back on several different days to make dining reservations for the whole of your stay.

Many people wonder what entitlements come with the Disney Dining Plan.

Question:  How many meals do I get with my dining plan

Answer:  With the standard Disney Dining Plan, you will receive one table service credit, one quick service credit, and one snack credit per person (over age 3) per night of your stay.  Yes, you read that right, per night.  So, for example, if you have two adults who check in on a Monday and check out on a Friday, those two adults would have four credits of each type (table service, quick service, snack) to use during their stay.

We hope this helps clear up some confusion about the Disney Dining Plan!