Sanaa Dinner Review

On our November Dole Whipped trip, we had one of our dinners at Sanaa.  Three quarters of us hadn’t tried it before so we wanted to give it a shot. Sanaa is an Indian and African style restaurant located at Animal Kingdom Lodge in the Kidani Village section.  It’s a beautiful restaurant and has some nice views of the Sunset Savanna.

img_0408Bread Service – First things first, if you don’t get the bread service, you are really missing out!  Unless you have some kind of dietary restriction that doesn’t allow you to eat bread, you NEED this appetizer course.  There are two versions of this, each comes with five different times of naan and you can either get your choice of three dipping sauces or the full nine sauce variety.  We chose the full nine.  Your five naan flavors are: Traditional Naan, Garlic-Ginger Naan, Spiced Naan, Onion Kucha, and Paneer Paratha. The nine dipping sauces are: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Mango Chutney, Tomato-Date Jam, Tamarind Chutney, Coriander Chutney, Garlic Pickle, Red Chile Sambal, or Spicy Jalapeño-Lime Pickle.  At $15 for the nine sauce service, it really is a great deal.  We all loved it!

img_0411Shannon: For my entree, I got the Potjie Inspired platter with Cilantro-coconut milk seasoned vegetables, and Braised Beef.  Each platter comes with Basmati rice.  This was excellent!  The beef was so tender and flavorful.  The vegetables in the coconut milk were delicious.  I had never really tried Indian food before so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and I have to say, Sanaa will be a must do for me on future Disney vacations.

img_0409Jamie: Sanaa is amazing!! The bread service was one of the best things I’ve eaten at Disney ever, really. And such a great value too! I tried every single one of the sauces. Like Shannon said, you can choose a smaller platter for the bread service with fewer sauces but I’d really consider going all out for this one. I don’t think there was a single sauce I didn’t enjoy. For dinner I had the butter chicken, the same cilantro coconut veggies as Shannon and rice. The butter chicken was truly phenomenal. I know it’s not very adventurous in terms of Indian food but it was really just so yummy.

img_0412Jillian: I ordered the Traditional Sosatie.  This was a lamb skewer with apricots, cashew and goat cheese.  I really really loved this.  This meat was tender and the flavors were a great compliment to each other.  I did not leave here hungry either!  The bread service was also amazing!  You will not want to miss out on ordering that with your meal. I’m so glad we decided to go here because usually I’m all about trying new places, however this is just too good to not go to!

img_0410Tara: Sanaa is one of my overall favorite places to eat at Disney. It used to be my hidden gem but definitely it is getting more well known. I love everything there from the location, to service to food. The bread service is my favorite thing and I could definitely make a meal out of just that. Though why when I want the braised beef and paneer tikka just as much! Paneer tikka is like a tomato soup with cheese and is so comforting and warm. The braised beef is so good if I could only eat one thing the rest of my life it might be Sanaa’s braised beef (I say might only because I haven’t tried everything on their menu yet). I give them an A+++.

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