Epcot is for Kids

I have heard it before and I will hear it again but so many people opt out of visiting Epcot because they think there is nothing to do there.  I even wrote an article about Epcot for Preschoolers, and here is another aimed more at the elementary aged kids.  Why the need for a new article?  Well the parks are always changing and as my own daughter grows older we find other items of interest to her as well as some of the same.


But I am still disappointed when parents say they aren’t taking their kids to Epcot, it is my second favorite of all the parks and it is still awesome.  Like Magic Kingdom is has a timeless quality to it.  So let’s look at what there is for kids to do at Epcot.

Spaceship Earth-this is perfect for a history lesson or those just curious as to what is in “that golf ball thing”.  My daughter at 7 says this is her favorite attraction in Epcot, she really enjoys the end part with the cartoon pictures of yourself.


The Land Pavilion- Soarin’ is so much fun as long as they meet the height requirement, which most elementary aged children will.  Living with the Land is another fantastic attraction and they may learn a thing or two along the way or see some unusual plants!  Behind the Seeds tour is available for children to participate.  You can go backstage in the Land Pavilion and it is pretty inexpensive!


The Living Seas Pavilion- The Seas with Nemo and Friends is going to appeal to this age group. Turtle Talk with Crush will be another pleaser for kids, plus they can even be a part of the action by asking questions to Crush.  And when you are finished you can explore the aquarium to get up close and personal with some fish!


Imagination Pavilion- Journey into Imagination with Figment is adorable and fun, trust me when I say they will love the bright colors and catchy tune!  Plus once you are finished with the attraction you can design your own figment, orchestrate music and play interactive games.


Test Track- If your child meets the height requirement and enjoys thrills this is the place to be!  Designing a car is fun for all ages and they will really get a kick out of it.  Plus there is a fun interactive driving game when you are finished seeing whose car performed the best!


Mission Space- Once again if your child likes thrills and meets the height requirement and isn’t prone to motion sickness this is a great attraction.  I would stick to the Green side though to be safe.  BUT, even if you don’t get on this attraction there is a neat play area with games and a climbing play are for kids.  You can enter through the shop to check this out.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure- Recently, Disney announced that you can now play this on your own smartphone if you choose.  You can still get their phones to play, but you may find this easier.  There are a few countries to choose from, you can do one or all.


Mexico Pavilion- Not only for the neat atmosphere you will want to check out the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction.


Norway Pavilion- Frozen Ever After plus an Anna and Elsa meet and greet will make this a big hit with children.  Check out the Stave church while you are there for a bit of a lesson on Norwegian culture.

China Pavilion- See the terracotta warrior statues, get a kakigori and visit with Mulan.

Kidcot stations- sure they are probably getting to upper end of this, but I still think coloring is fun for all ages and you get a cute Duffy or Perry the Platypus to fan yourself off with.  So yeah adults, you’ll want to grab one too.

This list isn’t comprehensive since there is plenty to do in World Showcase that is not listed but just a few favorites.  Let us know what your favorite thing to do with kids in Epcot.

3 thoughts on “Epcot is for Kids

  1. I have been visiting Epcot every since I was little kid, and it has always been so fun for me even as a little kid! Living with the Land, the Nemo ride, Soarin’, and Turtle Talk with Crush were my favorites. I also loved dining with the princesses in Norway.

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