Snacking Around the World Showcase: Part II

If you have been paying attention then Part 2 needs no introduction! But, if you have missed a beat or just need a tad bit of reminding here is the quick info: in January many of the Dole Whipped ladies went to Disney, one day we snacked around the World Showcase, we went to almost all countries and tried a snack and reviewed it. If you want to catch up and here what we had to say about the UK, France and Morocco then click HERE.

Japan, Kakigori at Kabuki Cafe


Jamie: I really liked the Kakigori! I think I made a tactical mistake in trying all the flavors though, next time I’ll stick with just one. The sweet milk on top definitely made this treat though. A-
Shannon: AWESOME!  My favorite snack that we tried. A+!
Tara:  Are you kidding if not a cronut than a Kakigori? I want one on my death bed. I was SO excited for Jamie and Shannon to try it because I had randomly found it on my last trip and could not believe I had never even heard of it. I loved that we all loved it. A+
Unites States – We skipped the good ol’ USA. Why? Pictures tell the story of what the snack options were – and we all know it was not the popcorn turning us off!
Italy – We were in Italy and we really have no GREAT reason why we skipped it other than we were really wanting something savory and Italy had a very small selection of snacks and really desserts like gelato. So, we moved on this time.
IMG_2972 (1)
Germany, Pretzel at the Pretzel Cart
They were so bad they ruined their own photo but I hate ending on a bad or sad note so let’s read the reviews while looking at:
Jamie: Sadly disappointed. We waited a very long time in line for this pretzel and it was hard and cold by the time we got it. Will stick with Mickey pretzels in the future. F
Shannon: I took a pass on this one. Was too full from previous snacks!
Tara: I wish I had been too full like Shannon. This was the worst for me. It was stale and not a great flavor considering other Disney pretzels. C- (nothing at Disney can completely fail!)
So, Part 2 is not fairing a well as Part 1 but let me tell you Kakigori’s rule and if you have not tried them – run! Get a shot of Sweet Milk for sure (I get 2 shots because it is that good!)

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