Magic Kingdoms Mobile Game Review

Magic Kingdoms is a new Disney game from Gameloft available for Android and Apple devices.  I gave it a try this week and I wanted to tell you all about it.

The game is a mission-based, role playing game, with a bit of construction thrown in.  The story is that Maleficient and all the other baddies have cursed Magic Kingdom and you and Mickey have to set it back to rights.

Finishing quests earns you magic which you can use to buy more attractions and decorations to pretty up your park.  Attractions earn you magic and items, when you can use to purchase more characters.

I find the game very easy and charming as it looks just like a mini Magic Kingdom, plus the music is soothing.  One of the fun things you can do in the game is build your own parade.  If you play the game during the parade, you receive extra rewards.

For seasoned casual gamers, the game itself is nothing new, but it’s a good family game I wouldn’t hesitate to let my children play it.  It does allow in-app purchasing but you can turn that off.

The app is free and it’s quite beautiful so I definitely recommend giving it a try!

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