Ye Old Christmas Shoppe

Hidden away in a small corner in Liberty Square is one of my very favorite spots in all of Walt Disney World: The year round Christmas store, Ye Old Christmas Shoppe. I’ve been known to purchase more Disney ornaments than could be put on a single tree, but I just can’t stop! Ornaments also make the perfect souvenir or gift to take home to your friends and family.

At Ye Old Christmas Shoppe there is something for everyone.


My personal weakness is the ornaments. Most any character you can think of, there is an ornament honoring them at the shop. From the “fab 5” to princesses, and everything in between.


Out of all the ornaments though, my favorite are the ear hat inspired ornaments. They’re so intricate and detailed and best of all, it’s easy to start a collection!

Ye Old Christmas Shoppe is not just ornaments though, it’s everything Christmas related. Garland, tree skirts, wreathes, gingerbread houses, ornament stands, Santa hats, Christmas music CD’s… you name it, you can find it here. A perfect spot to cool down, shop, and get into the holiday spirit, year round.

Are you happy to have a place to visit at Disney World year round that lets you get your Christmas fix even in the dead of summer? Tell us about it!

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