A First Timer’s Review of Boma

On our January girls trip, I got to experience Boma for the first time.  Jamie and Tara had already been there before so they filled me in on what to expect.  They love this African inspired buffet in the main building of Animal Kingdom Lodge and so did I.  I’m sure you will too!


First of all, don’t get hung up on the “African inspired” part.  Yes, there are a few things on the buffet you might not be familiar with, but overall, there is enough selection and enough familiar that everyone is going to find something that they like.

Again, it is a buffet.  The price includes a non-alcoholic beverage plus all you care to eat.  Buffet items include: a variety of salads, a carving station that includes prime rib, a variety of soups, several different vegetables and sides, a bread selection, and a very extensive dessert collection.  Don’t worry, there are still standbys like mashed potatoes, different fruits, assorted hummus, and even sweet potato fries!

There was so much to choose from, I’m sure I didn’t try it all.  I have to say I liked everything I tried, some things I liked better than others, of course.  There is a tomato salad at the beginning of the buffet line that I just adored.  I really liked the chicken corn chowder, and the prime rib was amazing.


Speaking of prime rib, at that station there are a variety of sauces you can choose from to accompany your meat.  I decided to try them all.  There’s a chipotle sauce that’s very smoky, a pesto with pecans, a tamarind barbecue sauce that’s amazing, and the Boma mustard.  Save yourself some time and head straight for the mustard.  It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s everything you ever need in life.


Let’s move on to dessert.  Go ahead and grab yourself a few of those Zebra Domes because they’re the signature dessert here at Boma.  They’re a wonderfully light chocolate filling housed in white chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle and they are so, so good.  I also tasted the apple cobbler which was great.  Other dessert offerings are assorted cookies and brownies, key lime cheesecakes, and even panna cotta.


I am truly not an adventurous eater and I have to say that I loved Boma and I can’t wait to go back.  So I highly suggest everyone step out of their comfort zones and give it a try!  You won’t be sorry!


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