Pick-a-Pearl Review

Located inside the Japan pavilion in Epcot is one of Walt Disney World’s hidden gems: the pick-a-pearl experience. For the reasonable price of $15.96 you get an experience and a souvenir! What could be better.

After paying at the register you’re given a number. They’ll call out your number when it’s your turn to pick a pearl. I didn’t have to wait long at all for my number to be called! The hostess instructed me to pick out an oyster, and made absolutely sure it was the one I wanted before she pulled it from the water. My personal strategy is to choose the ugliest oyster, the theory being that the ugly oysters sit longer and thus have more time to make a bigger and more beautiful pearl!

Luckily, my strategy worked this time. The hostess pulled my oyster out of the water and counted down (in Japanese of course) before opening the oyster. I was rewarded with a gorgeous 7.5mm white pearl!

The hostess cleaned the pearl for me, and put it into a small plastic bag. You do have the option of purchasing settings for your pearls at pick-a-pearl. They have earrings, cage necklaces, brooches and more. Here is just one example (from Tara’s pick-a-pearl!):


Gorgeous, right? And special. Don’t skip the pick-a-pearl experience on your next trip to Epcot!

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