Sleepy Hollow Review


Nestled in a small corner right near Cinderella Castle lies one of my very favorite eateries in all of Disney’s Magic Kingdom: Sleepy Hollow Inn. Sleepy Hollow Inn serves funnel cake, ice cream cookie sandwiches, a variety of drinks and most importantly, waffle sandwiches.


Sleepy Hollow offers 3 varieties of waffle sandwich. In the morning and evening hours you can get a Nutella (hazelnut spread, for those not familiar!) and fresh fruit waffle sandwich. During lunch time you can also get a spicy chicken waffle sandwich and a ham, prosciutto and swiss waffle sandwich. During this trip we got the spicy chicken and Nutella sandwiches.

Each sandwich was substantial enough that we could call it “lunch”. I had the spicy chicken waffle sandwich that had a sweet and spicy sauce on the chicken, plus some slaw and the waffle. It was perfect! I ate every bite. Tara tried the Nutella and fresh fruit waffle sandwich which came stuffed full of strawberries, banana and blueberries. This sandwich was also a hit!

Another major benefit of eating at Sleepy Hollow is the location. With a view of the castle that is hard to match there are also several tables to sit and enjoy your waffle or funnel cake. In my opinion Sleepy Hollow is a spot not to be missed!


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