5 Things NOT to Pack for Walt Disney World

We talk a lot about our packing lists: things to bring in your luggage, things to bring if you’re driving, carry on only, cruise line specifics… but we haven’t touched on one thing! What should you NOT pack for your Walt Disney World vacation.



  1. Selfie Sticks. As of the summer of 2015 selfie sticks are banned at Disney parks, so leave yours at home!
  2. Pool towels, especially if you’re staying at a moderate or above. At moderate and deluxe resorts pool towels are available by the pool. At value resorts you can take the towel from the room if you’d like, and request more from mousekeeping the next day. Another option is to purchase a beach towel for the pool from the resort gift shop. It’s a great souvenir!
  3. Costumes, if you’re an adult. In order to avoid confusion with costumed Disney characters they ask that adults not dress up as their favorite character. Consider trying Disneybounding instead!
  4. Some toiletries. From a shampoo/conditioner combo and bar soap at the value resorts to shampoo, conditioner, body gel and lotion at deluxe resorts Disney provides H2O brand toiletries in your hotel room. They’re some of my favorites.
  5. A bad attitude 😉 What, you know we had to sneak something corny in there! Pack your A game, and your patience and you’re sure to have a great vacation.

What do you leave at home that others consider necessities? Are there things you’d like to pack but can’t due to space? Let us know in the comments section!

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