Resort Laundry Facilities

One of the most common questions we have is “Is there laundry at my resort?” Well, the answer is YES! If you should do your laundry on vacation is another question entirely 😉 BUT if you so choose, you are able to at all Walt Disney World resorts.

At most Disney resorts the laundry facilities are located close to the pool. In my opinion this is great placement! You can put your laundry in the wash, pop into the pool for a swim, move the clothes to the dryer, swim some more, then collect your clean and dry clothes and head back to your room. Genius.


Laundry Facilities at Port Orleans French Quarter


The laundry rooms have detergent and fabric softener sheets available for purchase. I personally bring some Tide pods from home, but it’s great to have this option if you choose to use it or if you end up having to do laundry unexpectedly.


All payment is handled through a credit card machine on the wall (no cash). You’ll enter the number of the washer or dryer you choose into the machine, which will activate the washer or dryer for your use.


The machines conveniently give you the amount of minutes remaining in a cycle so you know when to return to switch your load or collect your dry clothes.

All in all I don’t advocate for doing laundry on vacation, but IF you have to Disney of course makes it as quick and painless as possible.

Laundry at Walt DisneyWorldResorts

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