Club Level Series (and Review!): Boardwalk Inn


Hi there fans of Club Level at Disney! Whether you have stayed Club Level or just dream of it I am here to give you all the material to make your dreams even better! So let’s march on to the next stop on the Club Level tour and it is the Boardwalk Inn. Now this article is extra special because I just stayed Club Level at Boardwalk a few weeks ago and so this is not only info but a bit of a review as well.

016107d24a35e37e9dae2629a27defbb18e63962ddI was lucky (seriously lucky) to get to stay for a few nights in a garden cottage at Boardwalk. The garden cottages are not very well-known, even to Disney veterans, and are quite unique. I will be writing a review of the garden cottages soon but for this article it is mentioned because the garden cottages are all club level (in addition to the normal set of club level rooms and suites). When we arrived at the Boardwalk and had given our name at security we drove up to valet and were immediately greeted and whisked away. Our greeter asked us if we would like to go first to our cottage to put our bags down (though our luggage was being transferred from Animal Kingdom we had our “carry ons” with us). We did want to go to the cottage first and so he took us there. He waited outside while we went in and embarrassed ourselves by squealing with delight at the amazing accommodations. After that, we went to the private club level check-in desk that was right outside the private club level hallway (magic band set to club level access needed to gain entrance).The cast member was already checking someone in so instead of waiting we were given access to the club lounge (the Innkeepers Club)  where the attendant sat us down and grabbed us a drink and checked us in. I also want to mention we were thrilled our cottage was ready for us considering it was early around 10 am.

After that we munched on some snacks and grabbed some soda for the road and headed 018772a7da9142e55f770ffd5bd1bcaa541183c670out.

The Boardwalk Inn club level rooms also were a bit special with the extra robes and amenities but two special things happened here and we are still not sure if this was because of our club level access or the garden cottages but anyway we received a cute set of Boardwalk logo’ed chocolates and a fairly large bag of H20 products was left in our room from mousekeeping! I do not know which I loved more!

01a4fba407a878ca39aaf0d91fc480210622e27963While staying club level we also received nightly turn down service and little treats (chocolates and taffy) left in our room. Taffy is a bit of a signature specialty of the Boardwalk Resort as it ties it into its Atlantic City roots.

The club level lounge did not disappoint based off location and food. It had a nice balcony that you could watch the Epcot fireworks from or sit outside and read a book.

The food was amazing and some of my personal favorites included peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls and the cucumber sandwiches. There were many “fancier” apps going on but sometimes the simple things are what you keep going back for time and time again.

They had wine and beer for evening and late evening they broke out the desserts and cognac for adult fun. I know many think you can not make a meal out of the food in the club lounges but we ate dinner there twice and breakfast there once and we were full all of these meals. The portions are small and finger food sized but you can have as much as you want so no one limited me on my peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls so I may have had a few!

Definitely try out Boardwalk (in general) as one of my top 3 resorts and a great location. If you can swing it treat yourself to club level and you will not regret it!

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