Why Taking a 6 Month Old to Disney is a GOOD Idea

This past November I took my 6 month old daughter to Walt Disney World. I heard a lot of “Why?” and “She’ll never remember” comments but you know what? That’s ok. Our (the grownups) memories of the fun she had there, and the photos we can show her when she gets older will be worth the money we spent… or didn’t spend! See point #1! Here are some reasons taking my baby to Disney World when she was 6 months old was perfect.

1.) Babies are free! From flying down to Florida (this is personal preference, many choose to buy a seat on the plane so their infant can be in a carseat) to park tickets, my girl didn’t cost me a penny more at Disney World than she would have on a random Tuesday here at home. Besides the souvenirs, of course 😉

2.) At 6 months old, my daughter was a great age for visiting the parks, I think. She could sit up, which was handy at restaurants so she could hang in the high chair while mom and dad ate, but not crawl or walk so she didn’t get into anything. Win win! She was able to take her naps on the go in the stroller while her dad and I walked the parks, and the pack and play was a great accommodation for her night time sleep.

3.) Your mileage may vary on this one, but characters didn’t freak her out. I think she was still young enough that she could kind of roll with the punches and didn’t find them to be scary at all. In fact, she loved them! And they loved her.

4.) She reminded me to stop and smell the roses. Because of my daughter I spent time on the smaller “less exciting” rides, and loved every minute. We also spent a lot of time in the resort pool (because the baby loved it) which was a nice reminder that I was on vacation, and it was ok to take it easy.

5.) Because no matter what, a day at Disney is better than a day at home. Oh, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂


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