Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak 2015

01e4494afea253bbf33e1b06e492af9f50aa004079So for Disney guests that went to Food and Wine this year and got to play Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak I hope you had as much fun as we did. This year Food & Wine did an additional fun “game” for people of all ages.

You started by purchasing the map and stickers at a gift shop in Epcot. We bought ours for $8.00 at the World Traveler shop at the International Gateway. You receive a map and a set of Remy stickers. Each Remy sticker has an ingredient on it that goes into ratatouille and the map has a place to put the correct sticker. How do you 0124042c99e6e9fb324e52a0434f516a855e293bfbknow which is correct? You go to each spot on the map and find a statue of Remy holding the ingredient for that spot. So, when you hit the Mexico Pavillion you hunt around until you locate Remy holding a tomato. Finding Remy is not so easy but the cast members will help you.

We did the game without much internet help – we hit a problem once 0160c3de9cdd16f53dbff2d995d055e2b04b972fafor twice because it was so crowded and dark we could not get too far and could not see well. We did though set eyes on each so even with a little help we still hunted it down.







The best part is once over you turn it in and they give you a Limited Release Remy pin 01edb1d62fb0b2d0b86ec80b763b9ad1e50b4be072that is super cool and you do keep the map too. I was pleasantly surprised to get such a great gift in the pin for an $8.00 investment! I believe they will do more and more of these things and so make sure to ask your travel agent before you go what extras are going on while you are there!



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