Top 5 Best Disney Souvenirs Under $20

Looking for that perfect souvenir at Disney but you don’t want to break the bank?  We’re giving you the top 5 souvenirs for under $20!

1. Silhouettes – You can find these kiosks in Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  They cut the silhouette right there and it’s done in just a few minutes.  It costs $8 per person plus tax.  A frame is an additional $7.95 plus tax.

2. Pick A Pearl – Found in the Japan pavilion of the World Showcase, this is almost a show as well as a souvenir.  You pick your oyster out of a tank and a cast member opens it up to show you the prize inside.  Hint: choose the ugliest, hairiest oyster in the tank for the prettiest pearl.  The cost is about $17 to choose an oyster.  Settings for your pearl are an additional cost.

3. Autograph books – Pick up one of these at any practically gift shop on property so you can collect signatures from all your favorite characters.  My kids love to look back through their autograph books from previous trips so they can remember which characters they met and had a blast with.  Books start at $7.95 plus tax.

4. First Haircut Package at Harmony Barber Shop – Commemorate your baby’s first haircut in Disney style!  You can get their hair cut and styled at the barber shop right there on Main Street.  The package includes a certificate, a bag to keep the lock of hair if you want, plus a set of Mickey ears embroidered with “My First Haircut”.  The cost is $19 plus tax and an appointment is necessary.

5. Pressed Pennies – Looking for a small but super cool souvenir?  Try making pressed pennies!  These machines are everywhere around WDW and each machine has a unique design.  Most of the coins cost $.51 to make: two quarters and a penny.  There are some machines that press different coins and those vary in price due to the denomination being pressed.

What’s your favorite inexpensive souvenir?  Leave it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Disney Souvenirs Under $20

  1. I’m another one who is a sucker for autographs. I have also gotten the passports from EPCOT ($10/each) and the personalized Chinese parasols (between $10-14/each)


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