Super Special Extra Celebrations

Going to Disney World to celebrate a special event is already the icing on the cake in my opinion but Disney also gives you lots of options to kick it up a notch. So, is this anniversary super special or this birthday a BIG one. For any ages and events, there is something special to help. I wanted to talk about the Super Special Big Dollar Extras that can be provided to you from Disney Floral and Gifts.

There are lots of ways to do things and Disney Floral and Gifts is by no means the least expensive option but they do have the good, special stuff and the ways and means to get it done.

For example, I spent my 40th birthday at Disney with the best of friends and my husband and they surprised me on the day by decorating the living room of our Boardwalk Villa (awesome and budget friendly – the room decorating not Boardwalk haha do not think I am living under a rock!) and then kicked it up a notch by having a cake delivered that we ate for breakfast every day. It is Disney and I said “Let them eat cake” quite a bit that trip. Then the special extra happened and we came back from a park day and there was a beautiful glitter pink rose with a wonderful special bracelet and note.



It was awesome! And the best part (or maybe?) is it broke, that week at Disney (put my hand in my purse and the heart came off). I called Disney Floral and Gifts and without question sent me a new one and never even asked for the broken one, etc. That is the Disney difference.

So, here are a few of what I think are the craziest, most over the top, super special things!

Presenting Your Royal Princess – $435.00 – so you walk up to your room and on your door is a pink banner letting her know something is up! She then gets to open a big box filled with all princess must haves (tiaras and wands), there are balloons and personalized princess capes and so much more! It is a BIG deal.



Not in the mood for princess and pink? Go Big with Mickey and Pals Big Birthday Wish – coming in at a modest $395.00. You can have all the fun with Mickey and his pals and keep your inner child (or outer child happy!)

MC0001_vlNeed some Super, Special Romance? A Wish Come True – a Two Day Romantic Experience is ready for you at a mere $364.95 but you get two days full of romance. There are roses and crystals and champagne for two days. Sign me up!




Is your (or your kids) dream of meeting a princess or Mickey and Friends finally coming through? Have your child proclaimed a princess at Cinderella’s Royal Table or a princess meet and greet with the My Storybook Moment – Princess (143.95) or find out they are about to meet their best pal Mickey using a storybook moment with My Storybook Moment – Mickey Mouse (87.95)

GB0227_vl GB1275_vl
















Yes, going to Disney is SUPER special and no one needs the extras but if you have a few extra dollars and want to go as over the top as possible. These are a few ideas that are easy on you to make happen!




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