MagicBand On Demand

Have you been itching to create your own MagicBand that fits your personality?  Well now you can!  The creation station is located in the Tomorrowland Power & Light Co near Space Mountain.  There will be 8 different colors to choose from…including the much requested purple!  There will be 40 different graphics that you can choose from to customize your band, including some Magic Kingdom ones that will ONLY be available at the creation location.

In addition to the graphics, you will also have the opportunity to print your name on the outside of the band!  This should be lots of fun!

The printers will use UV ink that dries instantaneously and requires no cooling time.  In addition, you can link them to your My Disney Experience account right away, or you can save them to give as gifts.

The cost for a customized retail MagicBand is $21.95 and a personalized retail MagicBand will be $29.95.  Have fun creating!



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