Behind The Scenes Tours at Walt Disney World

Are you the inquisitive type that wants to know how Disney does what they do?  If so, then you’re the perfect candidate for a behind the scenes tour at Disney!

Tours at Walt Disney World are very popular and do require an extra fee, but they are so worth it if you want to see how the every day becomes magic.  Here are some of the ones they offer:

Backstage Magic

This is the longest tour that WDW offers – 7 hours!  This tour is a behind the scenes look at all four parks.  You get to look at how the animatronics work, get a peek at costuming and the Magic Kingdom “utilidors” (the underground tunnels used by Cast Members), the workshops where sets are designed, the landscaping nursery, and even how to become a Wild Africa Trek guide!  This tour includes a barbecue lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe and a free gift.

Prices start at $249 per person plus tax.

Keys To The Kingdom

This is a fairly detailed 5 hour tour of Magic Kingdom.  You’ll get to see the backstage area of lots of the classic Magic Kingdom attractions, plus the utilidors.  You’ll also hear lots of fun facts and trivia about Magic Kingdom.  Lunch is also included as well as a tour keepsake.

Price is $79 per person

Behind The Seeds

If you’re a gardener, this tour of Epcot’s The Land Pavilion is sure to be what you’re after.  This is a one hour tour of the fish farm and greenhouses inside The Land.  You get to interact with the ladybugs that help protect the plants and check out the hydroponics, as well as see the alligators during feeding time.

Prices are $16 for children and $20 for adults.

Backstage Tales

If you’ve ever wondered how Disney cares for the animals at Animal Kingdom, then do the Backstage Tales tour.  You’ll the see the backstage animal habitats as well as the feeding areas, tour the vet center, and stop by the Animal Programs Administration building to see how Disney promotes animal wildlife conservation.

Price is $90 for adults.

Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour

If you’re a Walt Disney buff, this is your tour.  Walt Disney spent a small portion of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri and based Main Street, USA upon the downtown area.  This is a 3 hour look at how that small town inspired him and how pieces of it are incorporated into Disneyland and WDW.  If Keys To The Kingdom is a little too long for you, this is the tour for you.  You’ll get backstage looks at some of the attractions as well as lots of info and trivia.  One of the big draws is that you get into Magic Kingdom before the public opening for the day so you can get some great photos and kind of feel like you have the park all to yourself.

Price starts at $30 per adult.

These are just a few of the tours Disney offers to those who want a more in-depth look at Walt Disney World.  We’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had with tours.  Leave them in the comments below!

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