Adventures by Disney (ABD) – Ready to Dream?

Thanks for the great photos!

Thanks for the great photos!

So, how many of you know much about Adventures by Disney? I have found out that not many do and that more should. Traveling around the World to some of the most exotic and interesting places needs to be done with a guide. What company can you think of that would be better at this than Disney? Talk about getting it right!

First, let’s address a few elephants (Dumbo is here?) in the room. One major thing I want to get out-of-the-way is cost. Yes, Adventures by Disney is not cheap. It is not designed to be but similar to Disney Cruise Line you get what you pay for and with ABD that rings true throughout the trip. Compared to other similar trips/guided tours more costs are included in the quote (meals/tickets/etc.) and so less money out-of-pocket going on. The accommodations are first class and there are two guides per trip (which comes in handy when the adults go off wine tasting and the kids go to “nonna’s house” to learn to make pasta. There is a real Italian grandmother ready to teach your kids the fun side of pasta making and you get a few hours to relax and do what you really want to do in Italy – drink some great wine.

Also, there is no Mickey Mouse. This is not the way to avoid character meet and greet

Thanks for the great photos!

Thanks for the great photos!

lines. There are no characters and no rides or attractions. Disney’s professional side comes out and other than getting first class service and attention, there is not a lot of Disney theme park comparisons.

The adventures and experiences are top-notch and the best adventures I have seen out there. So, ever been to the Vatican? I have but not with ABD and so I waited and waited. If you go with Disney you get to go first and no lines. That is what the Disney name (and fee) goes to pay.

Think you want to go to Peru but you do not want to take the kids or do not have kids and really want an adults only trip – no problem Adventures by Disney has ADULTS ONLY trips.

Want to go to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and practice “meditation in motion” with a Tai-

Thanks to for the great photos!

Thanks to for the great photos!

Chi master in a local park? Got it. Want to take a tour through the Central Market in Hoi An’s to get your ingredients before learning to cook a traditional Vietnamese meal? Done. Not so adventurous and prefer a double-decker bus and private tour through London? Check. I could go on and on and continue to blow your mind. Instead I will tell you that you should contact us at and let us talk to you more about it. I can dream right along with you!


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