Hoop De Doo: I promise It’s for YOU!


Yes, I think I failed at making the title rhyme/singsong but I tried. But, what I hope not to fail at is convincing all of you naysayers to hop off the fence and make your Hoop De Doo reservations for your next Walt Disney World trip now! I was one of you and thought Hoop De Doo was not for me. I was not into Western musicals or theming and considering I could not find myself ever in the campgrounds it did not seem to be convenient. But, all that has now changed and I am singing praises and fun from the barn roof.

We decided to go to Hoop De Doo as a request from a friend who loved it as a child and wanted to see it again as an adult. We grudgingly made the reservations and took the latest show reservation at 8:30pm (so not to miss too much time at the park) and handed over our 2 TS credits (well you do not actually hand them over but for dramatic effect I thought it worked). One good thing was because we did the later show we got an upgraded category and had good seats! Anyway, it is always 2 TS credits but the earlier shows only Category 2 and 3 are available for DDP. If you wait until the latest show you can get Category 1 as well as an option. Anyway, needless to say we had good seats and truly not a bad seat in the space – though personally Category 3 being upstairs is probably not desired but still decent.

We took the boat over from Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness and it was a nice and quick boat ride and then we arrived at the campground. I had never visited the campground so I looked around some and I am guessing these campgrounds are much nicer than other non-Disney campgrounds and if you are a camper – go for it! Before dinner you also have an opportunity for a photopass picture and there were some different Western props, etc. to make cute pictures. The show was in Pioneer Hall and it was a great space and good atmosphere.

Two main parts to review

012f2195b75a45fa038646e966e21d0a1547fb9daeFood – the food was amazing. It was served Family style and it was so good. It is salad, ribs, fried chicken, corn, baked beans, and strawberry shortcake. There were many of us in a food coma by the time dinner was over. I would definitely be ready eat!

Show – great interaction and so funny! It was a vaudeville type show with the actors including the audience and improving and kept me laughing and entertained the entire time. The Pioneer Players really know how to keep you laughing and playing along. It was one hundred times better than I imagined and I would go again!

After the show we boarded the boat back to Magic Kingdom and tried to keep our eyes open or at least our mouths closed and snoring to a minimum as it was over pretty late (shows last about 2 hours) and we were not at our resort.

I am not an easy person to please in certain type shows. I get bored and do not thing cheesy things are funny (sorry this is just the way I am). So, I am shocked I loved it so much – but it is Disney and they always do things pretty well and once again this time they did it again!

6 thoughts on “Hoop De Doo: I promise It’s for YOU!

  1. I’m not a camping fanatic. We go once a year for one or two nights, and I don’t think I could really do any more. But Disney camping is absolutely amazing! There’s so much to do, you could probably spend a whole week just at the campsite! It was also very cleanly(unlike most campsites) and had the usual Disney flare! Highly recommended!! I also LOVE the Hoop De Doo! I’ve only been twice, but both times I’ve laughed my head off! Very nice post! I completely agree with you!


    • I was born without the camping gene (I did not even make it over night at Girl Scout Camp!) but, everyone that camps at Disney raves about it. I hear the cabins are great even for “non campers” like me. I was impressed though with the whole area and Hoop De Doo was wonderful. It made me think maybe step outside of my comfort zone and try the cabins (baby steps!)

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