Snacking at Disney: Epcot Edition

WINE & BEERSnacks are an important part of any Disney vacation so I’ve compiled a handy list to make sure you get to sample all that the World has to offer.

Fountain View – This is your Starbucks location for this park.

Funnel Cake kiosk – Outside the American pavilion in the World Showcase is where you can find this delectable fried delicacy.  You can get it topped with chocolate sauce or even ice cream.

Gelato/ice cream – Gelato can be found at the Gelati kiosk at the Italy pavilion.  If you’re looking for ice cream try Promenade Refreshments.  Or if you want more French inspired fare, try L’Artisan Des Glaces.  If Asian inspired ice cream is what you’re after, check out Joy of Tea or Kabuki.

Pastries and cakes

-Croissants and macarons can be found at Les Halles Boulangerie – Patisserie

Cronuts are located at Refreshment Port

Other notables are: Black Forest Cake from Sommerfest, Victoria Sponge Cake from Yorkshire County Fish Shop, pretty much everything from Kringla Bakeri but especially School Bread.

Sushi and egg rolls – If you’re in the mood for Asian inspired fare, pork and veggie egg rolls can be found at Joy of Tea or Lotus Blossom Cafe, California rolls are at Kabuki and Katsura.

Hot dogs/Brats – Traditional hot dogs can be found at Promenade Refreshments or Refreshment Port.  If you’re looking for something a bit different, try the brats at Sommerfest.

Pretzels – You can grab these at Block & Hans.

Healthier options –  If you’re looking for something a bit healthier, you can grab hummus, tabouleh or marinated olives at Tangierine Cafe

Preparing for Baby’s First Trip to Disney World!

With my daughter’s first trip to Walt Disney World rapidly approaching I find myself worrying a bit about how preparing for a trip with a baby will be quite different from planning one for just myself! Here are some tips I’ve found to be helpful so far when thinking about baby’s first trip to Disney World.


Because we live in Massachusetts my husband and I prefer to fly to Disney rather than drive. This trip we’re taking Southwest Airlines, which is especially great because each ticketed passenger is allowed 2 pieces of checked luggage. This means the baby can have her own luggage for no extra charge! Packing things like diapers and formula will save us money instead of buying while we’re in Florida (no worries though, if you don’t have room for this stuff in your luggage I’ll still tell you how to get it).


Most Disney hotels will be able to supply a Pack ‘n Play and clean sheets upon request. If this won’t do for your baby there are services where you can rent full size cribs. Baby will only sleep in a bouncer? That’s fine too! Check out A Baby’s Best Friend, they rent both of these things and much more for babies. I’ll personally be ordering an exersaucer and Bumbo seat for our trip, so baby girl has a place to hang out that isn’t mom and dad’s arms!

Photo courtesy of ABBF

Photo courtesy of ABBF

Another major piece of gear is a stroller. With all the walking we do around Disney a sturdy, comfortable stroller is a necessity. We’ll be bringing our Baby Jogger City Mini from home, but if you don’t feel like lugging yours to Florida there are several stroller rental services in Orlando that can help you out. Kingdom Stroller Rentals and Orlando Stroller Rentals are two of the Dole Whipped recommended (simply because we’ve used them before!) companies. One thing you may want to consider purchasing ahead of time is a stroller fan. It can get pretty hot in those strollers, and a fan is a good way to keep baby cool!


Other Necessities

As mentioned above, because we’ll be able to pack an extra bag we’re going to be packing our diapers and formula. If you don’t have the room in your luggage or simply don’t feel like packing it though, no worries. We here at Dole Whipped have recommended Garden Grocer before for groceries, but they also carry many baby necessities. Several brands of diapers, wipes, baby formula, jarred food, and even some medicines are available for delivery straight to your hotel room. We recommend making the order a few days before you leave on your trip because Garden Grocer does fully book for deliveries and you’ll want to make sure these items are there when you arrive!

Have you taken a baby to Disney World before? How was planning different for you and your family?

Disney Parks Moms Panel Search 2016

Do you consider yourself a Disney expert with fantastic writing skills? Have you ever considered applying for the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel? The search for the 2016 panel begins September 8, 2015 at 10am.

The Disney Parks Moms Panel was launched in 2008 as a resource for park guests to ask questions and receive answers from people who love Disney.

The panel is made up of more than just moms, it includes dads and grandparents too. They answer questions in four languages.

It has since been expanded to Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Disney Vacation Club, runDisney, and ESPN Wide World of Sports.

There are 3 rounds of interviews to pass and in order to qualify you have to have visited the park or taken a cruise, or take part in a runDisney event within the last year to date.

If you have applied before please let us know in the comments your experience!

Podcast Episode 63: Teen Boys And Disney

If you have a teen boy in your life and you’re on the fence about whether to visit Disney, then this episode is for you!  We talk to two real life teenage boys about their experiences with Disney and what they love.  You don’t want to miss it!

Happy listening!

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Drinking Around the World: Part IV (Special Events)

We completed our Drinking Around the World adventure with stops in each of the 11 permanent countries around the world showcase. Now, lets talk about a few different special events that can change the way we drink around the world.

Food & Wine Festival

Every year Disney hosts the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in the fall. An additional 35+ booths are set up around the world showcase for some different countries to display the food and drink of their homeland. With that many booths, a Drinking Around the World: F&W edition isn’t really possibly (or smart!) unless you have an extended stay or are lucky enough to live close to Walt Disney World.  There are far too many amazing drinks to name at the festival, but one “booth” of note is the Craft Beer Marketplace. Located inside the Odyssey Center there is plenty of space for relaxing in the air conditioning while trying craft beers from around the country. The most popular items at the Craft Beer Marketplace are the flights, each with 4 separate tasting sizes of beer allowing you to try more without buying full cups! Pretty smart. One thing that may make drinking around the world easier during Food & Wine is the new for 2015 Food and Wine Tasting Sampler. If you purchase this package you’ll receive 8 credits for a snack or beverage of your choice during food and wine. This package also comes with priority seating for an Eat to the Beat concert during the day you purchase. For $59 per person plus tax that’s not a bad deal!

10678548_10152475498569423_7467681308139335865_n 2

Flower & Garden

The Epcot International Flower & Garden festival is gaining on the Food & Wine Festival in terms of popularity! Hosted in the spring, there are 12+ booths featuring fresh food straight from the garden during this festival. From wine to sparking ciders, beer and more, there is plenty to drink at this festival as well. One drink that we here at Dole Whipped agrees will stand above the rest is The Dole Whip with rum (of course)! Available at the Pineapple Promenade booth there is an option to add macadamia nut flavored or coconut flavored rum floaters to your pineapple soft serve. Yum! One thing available at this festival (and also the Food & Wine) that makes drinking around the world a little easier on your budget is the wearable wristband gift card. If you load the card with the amount you’re able to spend on drinks you’ll keep yourself in check, and since you can wear it on your wrist you won’t have to dig around in your pockets for cash or credit cards either! It’s a win win.

Which event would you rather Drink Around the World at, Food & Wine or Flower & Garden?

Imagineer for the Day-Magic Kingdom

Here is the final installment of my Imagineer for the day, Magic Kingdom edition.


Tomorrowland Speedway is the first item up for refurbishment. Let’s get rid of the current cars and work with Chevy or Tesla to get sponsor the attraction and get electric cars on the road.

Tom Sawyer Island, sorry Disney but most people aren’t interested in this so what it needs is an interactive game similar to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Or if we are going all out a restaurant. Maybe something like a Club 33 at Walt Disney World.


Stitch’s Great Escape, no controversy here at all. This should be gotten rid of all together and start over from scratch. Maybe we can have a Stitch attraction but it needs to be more entertaining and family friendly. I would love to see something from Tomorrowland the film and its technology incorporated into an attraction here.

Magic Kingdom is pretty great the way it is, so it was a bit tricky to come up with some ideas for this park. Of course I wouldn’t be opposed to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride making a re-appreance in the park if I am dreaming big.

So what would you see changed in the Magic Kingdom?

And if you missed any here is Part I, Part II, and Part III.

D23 News and Exciting Announcements

Oh my! If you are a Disney fan you know how much news came out this past weekend at D23 in Anaheim. If you are NOT a Disney fan you probably still heard some of it because it is crazy and wild all the cool stuff that is coming. If you are like me then you do not want to wait but want it all now! But go ahead and go to Disney and enjoy what is there now because with change you may lose some of your old favorites! But, do not worry because all the new stuff will make you quickly forget!


Thanks Disney Travel Professionals Page for the use of the photo.

Star Wars Land – Thanks Disney Travel Professionals Page for the use of the photo.

First, let’s talk about the BIGGEST news from D23 and I think we can all agree it is the new alcohol policy for Disney Cruise Line. Right??? Okay no that was not the biggest news at all (but I will address this news later but for now let’s start positive) and the biggest news…drum roll please… Star Wars Land. Yes, finally for all you Star Wars lovers (which clearly from the crowds at Star Wars Weekends is a ton) there is going to be an answer to your needs. Star Wars Land is going to be located at Disney Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World (so thankfully something will be there to entertain us people) and at the Disney Land Resort.

“I am thrilled to announce the next chapter in the long and exciting history between Disney Parks and Star Wars,” said Iger. “We are creating a jaw-dropping new world that represents our largest single themed land expansion ever. These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet, including an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.”


There is more to come on this and stay with us here at because we are bringing it to you!

Thanks to Disney Parks Blog for the photo.

Thanks to Disney Parks Blog for the photo.

Second, more lands! Yes, there are more lands coming our way including Toy Story Land coming to Disney Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World (again actual things to do there!) and at Animal Kingdom they are going with Pandora – The World of Avatar. I am sure Disney will do a great job with this as they do with everything. Another cool thing coming to Animal Kingdom that really gets me ready to go is After Dark at Animal Kingdom. They will have a show called “Rivers of Light” that sounds spectacular and is coming this Spring and also the Kilimanjaro Safari is going to have a night-time safari that will be a special type of safari and sounds awesome. I am a huge fan of Animal Kingdom and love seeing it grow.

Rivers of Light - Thanks Disney Parks Blog for the use of the photo.

Rivers of Light – Thanks Disney Parks Blog for the use of the photo.

Two more quick but excellent things to mention is a new restaurant at Magic Kingdom and a change to Soarin’. The table service restaurant named “Jungle Skipper Canteen” and will be themed after the Jungle Cruise. I am loving another table service option inside Magic Kingdom so this is good news. Soarin’ will no longer be Soarin’ Over California but instead we will be Soarin’ Around the World. This change will be put in place both in Epcot’s Soarin’ attraction in Walt Disney World and in Disney’s California Adventure’s Soarin’ attraction in Disneyland.

Last, is the bad news. Disney Cruise Line has changed the alcohol policy and the change goes into effect for any cruises commencing on or after September 30, 2015. I am just going to bullet point the new rules as I cry:

  • Each Guest 21 years and older may bring two bottles of unopened wine or champagne (no larger than 750ml) or six beers (no larger than 12oz) onboard in carry-on luggage at the beginning of the voyage and at each port-of-call.
  • All alcoholic beverages packed in checked luggage will be removed and stored until the completion of the cruise.
  • Wine or champagne in excess of the two allowable bottles or beer in excess of the six beers will be stored and Guests may retrieve them at the end of the voyage.
  • All liquors and spirits (including powdered alcohol) are prohibited and will be stored until the completion of the cruise.
  • Guests must retrieve any stored alcohol at the end of the cruise. Uncollected alcohol will be destroyed and no compensation will be offered.
  • Alcohol brought on board may not be consumed in any lounge or public area.
  • Effective Sept. 30, 2015, the corkage fee charged to Guests who bring their own wine or champagne into one of our restaurants will be $25 per bottle.

So, that is it. I know it hurts because it hurts us all but I am just the bearer of the news. Disney Cruise Line is still the best hands down and now you just need to save a few more dollars to pay for drinks on board. Also, remember at each port you can get 2 bottles and alcohol is usually very cheap at most ports of call – hey looking at the bright side! But overall, the news was amazing and I can not wait for these new things! If you have any questions let me know.


Podcast Episode 62: Snacking At Disney

We know that snacking at Disney is almost a full time job so we’ve broken down the most popular snacks by park for you in a quick, easy format.  This will help you decide what you want fast while you’re touring Disney.  Whether you choose something sweet or something savory, we’ve got you covered!

Happy listening!

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Drinking Around the World: Part III

In the final installment of our Drinking Around the World series we’ll be stopping by France, the UK and Canada! Make sure you check out Parts I and II for the best drinking around the world options in the rest of the world showcase.

First stop, France. Les Vins de France is the name of the kiosk where you’re going to head for the best alcoholic beverages in France. Unsurprisingly there are many choices available for wine by the glass at this location including reds, whites and at least one blush wine. However, most people actually skip the wine in France and instead opt for one of two of arguably the most popular drinks in all of Epcot: the Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush or the Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush. Both are the perfect ice cold refreshing drink after a long walk around the world showcase at Epcot!


Our second to last stop on the Drinking Around the World tour is the UK pavillion. If you’re just looking for a quick stop you’re going to head to the Rose & Crown pub’s outdoor kiosk. There you will find three different types of beer: Bass, Stella Artois, and of course Guiness. There are also three types of hard cider at this location which would be my personal preference. If you want to spend more time you can reserve a seat inside the Rose & Crown for the option to order off their extensive list of beers or one of their mixed liquor drinks including the Welsh dragon which is made of orange and pineapple juices, Peach Schnapps, Melon Liqueur and Crème de Menthe. Yum! One other fun thing that the Rose & Crown pub does is mix beers. You can order pitchers of different beers mixed together including the Bumblebee which is a mix of Boddingtons and Guinness.

And finally, Canada. Now, unfortunately Canada doesn’t have very many choices but hey, by this point you may not care too much right? For the beer enthusiasts you can choose between Moosehead, Labatt or Molson beers. Recently there have been reports of a very highly rater beer called Le Fin du Monde also available in Canada. For the liquor lovers there is the option of a Torontopolitan which is made from vodka, chambord and cranberry and orange juices!

Photo credit: Yelp user Matthew G.

Photo credit: Yelp user Matthew G.

Your journey around the world is now complete! 11 countries down How do you feel? 😉

Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios


Touring Disney’s Hollywood Studios is hungry work so make sure you keep your motor running with the delicious snack options in this park.

Writer’s Stop

This little bookstore/coffee shop on The Streets of America has a large assortment of coffee options as well as pastries, cupcakes, cake pops, rice krispy treats, and cookies.  They are most famous for their carrot cake cookie so be sure to try that.

Starring Rolls Cafe

Breakfast is really easy to cover with a snack credit on your dining plan and it couldn’t be easier than picking up a pastry and a coffee at Starring Rolls.  You can grab a croissant in regular or chocolate, a cinnamon roll, a bagel with cream cheese, or a turnover or danish.  There also healthier options like yogurt and fruit.  If you’re feeling like a  quick dessert type snack, they offer cupcakes, eclairs, tiramisu, cookies, and even banana splits.

Trolley Car Cafe

This is going to be your Starbucks stop so go ahead and grab that Frappuccino or Teavana drink.

Kiosks and Carts

There are several of these scattered throughout the park but there are some notable ones.

Anaheim Produce – This is the go-to for healthy snack options.  You can get fresh fruit and vegetables, hummus with pretzels,and trail mix.  They also offer refreshing drink options like frozen lemonade and Orange Bird cup.  There are alcoholic drinks as well.

Fairfax Fare – If you’re in the mood for a hot dog, you can grab a gourmet Mac and Cheese and Truffle Oil dog at this location.  Get a beer to wash that down.

Hollywood Scoops – If ice cream is what you crave you can get a cone here.  There is also apple crisp a la mode, as well as ice cream sandwiches made with freshly baked cookies.

Oasis Canteen – If you love funnel cakes be sure to stop here.  You can get them with the traditional powdered sugar or try them with ice cream and strawberry topping.  You can try a Coke or root beer float here as well.

Studios Popcorn – You can find this popcorn cart on Hollywood Boulevard.

Toluca Turkey Legs – Not sure if a Turkey Leg counts as a snack rather than a meal, but if you wanna get your Henry the VIII on, this is the place to do it.  Better get a beer too to make it really authentic.

And the last is an insider tip from Dole Whipped to you…

If you want a delicious PB & J milkshake from 50’s Prime Time you don’t need a reservation!  You can walk in and go straight to the bar area and order your shake to go!

Let us know what your favorite snack is at Hollywood Studios!  Leave it in the comments!