Ideas for Making the Trek to Disney More Fun (aka less of a headache for you!)


Yes, everyone is over the top excited to go to Disney (be it Disneyland, Disney World, or even one of the overseas Disney Parks) but getting there and back can be daunting for little ones, big ones, and all in between. So, whether you are flying or driving here are some ideas to help pass the time.

Check out this cool book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Check out this cool book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

The first idea takes a bit of pre-trip work and a few dollars but I would think it could be well worth it. Purchase Disney books, crafts (that can be done easy in a car or plane, movies, etc.) and wrap them up – one for every hour. So, if you have a three hour plane ride you would need 3 gifts, if you have a 14 hour drive it is time to hit the Dollar Store but you would bring along 14 gifts. Also, you can find some really fun “free” stuff out there – like check out Crayola’s website and print some of the Disney Coloring pages and put your own little book together. Check it out HERE. Let the kids know they are going to get a surprise every hour and you can always add a clause that they only get the gift if they are “good”. Then set a timer or alarm and every hour hand over the wrapped gift for them to open and spend the next hour or more playing with or watching, etc. Make sure if the gift needs batteries or crayons that those are ready to go!

Second, play games in the car or on the plane (quietly). I know times have changed but kids have not. I loved playing iSpy or a trivia type game with my parents on the way to some vacation. Half the fun was interacting with my family and laughing along the way.

Be ready with a sing along playlist. Now depending on the ages of your offspring you may want to ask them to help you so that you make sure you have songs that they will enjoy. I watch the Honda commercials and tear up thinking of singing Weezer with my big family on the way to a vacation (okay I realize I have no offspring but I can see my husband, friends, and kitties definitely belting out tunes with me!) I mean there is nothing like your 10 year old singing the lyrics “what’s with these homies dissing my girl” but you need to stay in the game parents! If you are not sure what commercial I am talking about – Click HERE.

$_58Last idea for now – the DVD player, the iPad downloaded movies from wherever, etc. Just make sure it works without needing to live stream and then plug them in to TV, movies, etc. and let them drift off into movie land for a few hours. It will all be worth it once you get there, my signal for knowing I am finally there is when I hear my favorite Disney quote “por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas”.

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