Imagineer for the Day- Animal Kingdom

I love to play “If I were an Imagineer” and I know a lot of you Disney fans do the same. These aren’t all original ideas, but the ideas I would implement in the park if I had the power and budget.


Animal Kingdom is the park I can see that has the most room for improvement because there is the space and the need for some more to do here. With Avatarland coming it will alleviate some of this need, but we shall see how it is when it is full open.

Dark rides- A Jungle book dark ride would be perfect in this park. If fits the theme of the park and is a ready-made story line. Or even a boat dark ride through the film Pocahontas or Tarzan. I think there are so many films that would work in this park and fill the void of attractions that appeal to families while also getting you out of the hot sun for a little while.

Night time show- Something along the lines of the World of Color. This would allow the park to stay open later but not be loud in the way fireworks are.

Another rollercoaster- somewhere along the lines of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, fun but not huge thrills like Expedition Everest. This attraction would appeal to a wide range of people. I could see an Indiana Jones theme go over well here!

Water Taxi/Boat Ride- A attraction that also doubles as transportation that goes around the waterways of Animal Kingdom. Imagine you can take it round trip but there are also stops along the way. You can easily walk the park but why not sit down and enjoy the view as get from one side of the park to another.

Stay tuned for the next installation of Imagineer for the day. But while you are waiting you can check out Tara’s series on the same subject!

3 thoughts on “Imagineer for the Day- Animal Kingdom

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