Magic Kingdom Tips

Here are some of my favorite tips for the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Get there early to see the Welcome Show! It really sets you up for the magic of the day and you may even leave with a tear in your eye.

When you are entering the park walk up the sidewalk. Of course it is really fun to walk right down the middle of Main Street USA, but it tends to be packed with strollers and people taking pictures or posing for pictures so it is really stop and go. Taking the sidewalk next to the shops will be quicker.

Go for Fantasyland first. You don’t have to go right through the castle though. If you go to the right or left paths closest to the castle you can cut right behind it for a pretty view and you might miss some of the crowds. Also something to note is that the path through the castle is closed at times. I wouldn’t dream of missing walking through it castle on any trip but you can do it later in the day for less crowds.

The flag pole near the train station on Main Street USA hosts a flag ceremony each day at 5pm and it features current or former members of the US Armed Forces. And you can even be a part of it if you are a member of the armed forces.

If you want a good spot to see a parade or Wishes be sure to get there at least 30 minutes early. If you plan to leave right after the parade or fireworks then get a spot close to the Main Street USA Train Station for a quick and easy getaway.

Or alternatively this is a great time to check out the shops on Main Street USA or get a Dole Whip while people are either watching the parade or fireworks or getting onto attractions. Stay late, this one is easier said than done if you have kids. You can accomplish a lot in a couple hours when the crowds are dwindling. The shops are also open one hour after the parks close so that is a great time to do some shopping or just relax on a bench while the park clears out.

Bring change! If you have a child they will very much want to throw a coin in the fountain or in It’s a Small World. There are also lots of pressed penny machines in the park.

Book an early breakfast- you can get into the parks early and beat the crowds to attractions.

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