Disney Cruise Line Onboard Placeholder Booking Offer

Disney Cruise Line has a great new policy for booking onboard for a return cruise! You can make a $200 deposit per stateroom as a placeholder towards a future cruise. This allows you to book deposit and lock in the savings without choosing a specific cruise for the future.


This is a great option for the returning cruiser who is unsure of school or work schedules to be able to take advantage of the savings without worrying about choosing the dates or itinerary.

You will receive a confirmation number which can be used by yourself or a travel agent to modify the placeholder into a full booking.

This savings is 10% off the next sailing and reduced deposits on sailings 7 nights or longer. As well as up to $200 onboard credit per stateroom. It is limited to 2 staterooms so if you think you might want to return with others you can book two rooms at the discount and cancel one at a later date if you need.

If you think you might return it is always good to lock in that discount while onboard!

As always if you are interested in a Disney Cruise let us know at DoleWhipped@gmail.com

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