Tsum Tsum: Are You Addicted?

tsum1Surely by now, everyone has tried this game and I’m the totally uncool person who’s just now discovering it.  Be that as it may, this game is so fun! I get that it’s really made for children but it’s such an easy time-waster.

The point of the game (for the uninitiated) is to match lines of matching Disney characters.  I’m not sure why all the characters look like little hamsters, but they kind of do and they are adorable!


Within the game you can choose your Tsum (a word that means “stack” in Japanese) based on their skills.  Each character has a different powerup that you can use to get higher scores.  You can purchase more Tsums by collecting coins when you beat a level.  Ten thousand coins gets you a Happiness box while thirty thousand gets you a Premium box.

Of course, that’s just a basic overview of the game, which is available for free for iPhone and Android.  And when you’re out of lives for the day, you can pick up your favorite Tsums at the Disney Store (I’ve also seen them at Target) for $5 and up.  They are adorable!


Do you love Tsum Tsum?  Do you have any favorite characters?  I’d love to hear about them!

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